You may have seen the beauty of Wadi Rum in various movies. However, the experience, when you find yourself bumping along the dunes and the hot air blowing to your face, is something that you can experience and not watch in movies. You will find yourself amidst red rock formations and the sand dunes. Is it that you like to have such an experience in the Martian desert of Wadi Rum? If you do, then, do book Wadi Rum jeep tour of reputed tour operators.


Let us see what you can experience during such a tour.

The vehicle to ride 

Having a look at the name of the tour, you might expect a 4×4 jeep waiting to take you for the ride. However, you will find a truck waiting instead. The truck will have a seating arrangement at the back.

As you overcome your first astonishment, you will realize that the seating arrangements are comfortable. You will also realize that it is good to have such an empty space with the air gushing at your face rather than being confined to the interior of a 4×4 jeep. You will love the “frightening moments” when the truck rolls down a dune or skid on the sand.


It is not just jeep tours 

It would be wrong to anticipate that jeeps tours are the main activity in the Wadi Rum desert. You will have the chance to be in close proximity with nature, have hiking trips, staying at Bedouin camps and watching the star-filled sky. You will also have exposure to the culture of the Bedouins. Staying at the camp you can enjoy Bedouin hospitality, eat local delicacies, and enjoy the dance and music of the Bedouins.

Why have a trip to Wadi Rum?

If these amazing aspects of Wadi Rum did not convince you to have a tour, then please continue reading.

Wadi Rum is a World Heritage Site, with an area of 720 square kilometers, which is larger than Zion National Park in the USA. It is really vast and if you are with a reputed tour operator you can see some of the 25000 ancient rock carvings. These carvings are not just images of individuals and animals but offer a way to know the path of human development spanning over 12000 years.


The diversity of natural elements at times overshadows the rock carving and historical importance of Wadi Rum. The natural arches, the bridges, and canyons are a must that you need to witness to believe the force and beauty of nature. Jeep tours in the Wadi Rum are the ideal way to explore all these.

You will feel encouraged and inspired that you have been to a place where humans have evolved culturally for thousands of years. It will definitely be a special moment in your vacation in Jordan.

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Rum Magic Nights are a local tour operator organizing the Wadi Rum jeep tour. They make it possible to have exposure to natural wonders, human culture and have unthinkable hospitality at the camps. They are Bedouin and help you to absorb Bedouin culture and heritage. Reach them at +962795022001 to book your jeep tour.  for more information mail at .

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