If you intend to travel to Jordan and be at Wadi Rum, then the ideal Wadi Rum weather is in Autumn or Spring. If you want to know the ideal months, it is late February, early May, early August or the middle of November. You can expect to have the best temperature and not much crowd. Wadi Rum has a sub-tropical climate, and in summer, the temperature can be as high as 45°C, and in winter, it can be -3°C. In winter, there are a few days when snow falls; it is an incredible phenomenon that you can witness when in Wadi Rum.


The ideal time to visit Wadi Rum according to the weather 

The most pleasant temperature in Wadi Rum is during weeks just before the onset of spring and autumn, and there are fewer visitors. If you are concerned about the weather, it is wise to avoid the hot summer days and the cold nights in winter. On average, the monthly high is 36°C and the low 6°C. If you desire to spend a night in Wadi Rum in a camp organized by a reputed tour operator, it is wise to be there in spring and autumn. However, you will miss the perfect weather if you wish to avoid crowds and not be there during March-April or September-October.


The peak season to visit Wadi Rum 

If you consult with a reputed tour operator, they will advise you to be in Wadi Rum during autumn and spring, when you can avoid both the hot days and the cold nights. Therefore, the best season to visit Wadi Rum is March-April and September-October. However, reputed tour operators recommend late February, early May, early August, or November.


During spring and autumn, you can have the pleasure of exploring the Protected Area when the day temperature is not high. Moreover, it is wise to be there during daylight savings so that you have some extra hours to explore. During this period, nights are also comfortable with a temperature of 15°C. The temperature is comfortable for enjoying the campfire, watching the sun rise and set, gazing at stars at night, and enjoying the Martian desert’s beauty in isolation.

Why it is wise to consider weather while visiting Wadi Rum 

It is best to understand Wadi Rum weather when planning a trip to this Martian desert. If it is such that you are comfortable with heat, you can enjoy the advantage of extended daylight hours during the hot summer days. Similarly, if you are comfortable bearing the cold, the winter months may appeal to you as the day temperature is low. However, it would be best to consider that you will stay at camps where the weather can play a big part. If you are from colder climates, you can cope better with the cold winter nights.


So, understand which weather you are comfortable with and plan your trip to Wadi Rum with Rum Magic Nights accordingly. They are a reputed local tour operator and organize well-arranged tours to Wadi Rum. Call them at +962 7 9525 3447 to plan your Wadi Rum trip.






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