Vacationers coming to Jordan or those planning to have a vacation in Jordan have some confusion. One such misconception is that Wadi Rum is just a desert. Yes, it is; however, it is something more than a desert. The landscape you will be at is an entirely different one than that you can experience at any other place. It is such, that people have a feeling of staying on Mars when they are there. You will love every second you spend there. The best way to explore such Martian landscape is to book the best Wadi Rum jeep tour of a reputed travel organization.


There are a few aspects that you need to know before you set out on such a jeep tour in Wadi Rum.

You will not travel in a jeep 

It may sound confusing; however, during the tour, you will not be traveling in an actual jeep. You will be traveling in a truck that has seating arrangements in the back. If you are with a reputed tour operator, you can expect to have a tour in a well-maintained truck having comfortable seating arrangements.

Wadi Rum is a small village 

It is not that Wadi Rum is a massive town. It is a small town and your tour operator will make known to you from where the jeep tour will start. It will not be difficult to find the meeting place. While you wait, you can taste the best falafel in Wadi Al Qamar restaurant.


It will also be wise to stock some bottled water and snacks before the tour. Your tour operator may be offering such but it is wise to keep some handy.

Negotiable tour

It is quite possible to customize the tour schedule according to your desire. If you notice that you are not taken to a place advertised on the website of the tour operator and disclose that, the tour guide will accommodate that. Not only that, if you like to have some add-ons, they will be more than happy to accommodate.


No language problem 

Wadi Rum is a place that Bedouins call their home. Your jeep driver will be a Bedouin; however, he will have fluency in English. So, there will not be any communication gap between the driver and you. You both will easily understand each other and share thoughts.

Weather is unpredictable 

The weather in Wadi Rum is completely unpredictable. It may be sunny when you roll out of Wadi Rum village but suddenly the weather may turn gusty. So, it is wise to stay prepared ahead of time. You do require sunglasses and hats and at the same time scarves to protect yourself when there is a strong wind blowing as the wind may be full of sand.


Experience diverse landscape 

As mentioned above, the landscape is a unique one and it is not possible to experience such in any other place than Wadi Rum. It is not just a desert landscape. You can see rugged mountains, lush canyons, natural rock bridges, and of course see sand dunes. Your tour operator will arrange in such a manner that you will have the pleasure of exploring and experiencing all such during the best Wadi Rum jeep tour.

If you desire to experience Wadi Rum in the best possible manner during such a jeep tour, it is wise to contact Rum Magic Nights. Reach them at +962795022001 to book your jeep tour in Wadi Rum. For more information email at [email protected] .

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