Wadi Rum is a huge area. It is known for its red sand and the sandstone mountains. This valley of the moon, Wadi Rum is cut into sandstone and granite rock. The dramatic desert of Wadi Rum is famous. So, you will be spending a great time in the world’s most beautiful deserts this holiday. Rum Magic Nights welcomes you. Are you planning to spend your next holiday in Wadi Rum? Then, we are here to guide you on your Wadi Rum trip. We are a well-known tour organization.


We have been offering carefully designed tours for years. We know what our customers expect from us. Wadi Rum is a wonderful tourist attraction, and if you are planning a vacation in Wadi Rum reach out to us. We will make it memorable for you. Enjoy and create unforgettable memories with us.

You are at the right tour company so just relax. Your Wadi Rum exploration will be more interesting than you expect it to be. We have years of experience in making Wadi Rum tours remarkable for tourists.


Our company is made and run by Bedouin cousins and brothers. As a local of Bedouin, we want our visitors of different regions and cultures to be aware of our habits and traditions. Our tour services are reliable, they are designed to make your vacation pleasant. You will get to know the things to do at  Wadi Rum in a better way. So, get ready to carry bags full of Wadi Rum’s experiences back home. Are you excited? We are!

Things to do in Wadi Rum: There’s a lot you can do on your Wadi Rum vacation like

Full day jeep tour: The tour starts from Wadi Rum village and during the whole trip you will be visiting Nabatean Temple, Lawrence’s Spring, Khazali Canyon, and Um Frouth Rock Bridge. Then we will drive to Burdah Rock Bridge, followed by Almahama Canyon. This whole day Jeep Tour will be fun for sure.


Five Hours Jeep Tour: This tour includes a visit to Nabatean Temple, Lawrence’s Spring, Khazali Canyon, and Um Frouth Rock Bridge. Then we will drive to Burdah Rock Bridge, followed by Almahama Canyon, Lawrence’s House, Sand dunes, and many others. The 5 hours will be very enjoyable.

Full day hiking tour with overnight: Want to try hiking? Our hiking guide will guide you to enjoy exciting and fun hiking from Wadi Rum village. From there, we will go to Lawrence’s spring. After lunch we will continue to Bedouin tea, from there we will move to Khazali canyon. Then, finally, we will proceed hiking in the sunset area.

camel ride

Full Day Jeep and Camel Tour with Overnight: So, the tour starts with Wadi Rum’s village, from where you will have a camel ride. Then after the camel ride, we will go to see the Map and then sand dunes on a jeep. Then, the Lawrence’s House, Burrah Canyon, Burdah Rock Bridge, and Khazali Canyon.

There are many other tours you can try out, which are –

  • Three days hiking tours with overnights
  • AI Hash Mountain Tour with Overnight
  • Half-Day hiking tour with overnight
  • Full Day Camel Ride with Overnight
  • Three Hours Jeep Tour with Overnight

Choose any tour as per your needs and budget.Enjoy beautiful Wadi Rum in a beautiful way with us.

For more information email at For more information email at customerservice@mytoiletspares.co.uk or call us 1482291992 .







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