Jordan is a beautiful country with many exciting places to visit. Wadi Rum in Jordan is full of beautifully scenic areas and a sought-after destination for most avid travelers. Nature has carved some of the pretty impressive yet surprising rock shapes that are found in Wadi Rum. At every step, there is something spectacular to see and do. Well-trained tour guides will take care of you every step of the way while showing you the best places!


Spending the night in a Bedouin camp is an incredible experience. The tent had all the amenities you wished for, and its views were breathtaking. The high-quality tents will provide you with a comfortable night in the desert. The tents are private and can accommodate different-sized groups. Each tent has its indoor light so you can move around quickly.

You also have double, triple, and family-sized tents, and all come with fresh sheets, warm blankets, and towels. Take advantage of a nice shower around the clock, allowing you to freshen up after a long day. Most of the tents are as environmentally friendly as possible, and most use solar panels for 24/7 electricity!


Guests gather in camps each night to enjoy tea and local Bedouin food. The Bedouins take great pride in sharing their culture, playing music, etc. The fireplace at the Wadi Rum camp makes you stay warm at night. Once the sun goes down, they serve guests a traditional Bedouin meal. They do their local traditional dishes for dinner: Zarb – chicken, and vegetables cooked in the ground by conventional Bedouin technique. The meals offer different foods, ensuring something for everyone, including those who are vegetarian or gluten-free.

camel ride

While planning your trip to Jordan, you must get excited about spending the night in the desert! But the sights in Wadi Rum seemed way more spectacular. While you are in Wadi Rum, a jeep tour is necessary to explore such splendid areas. Once you started exploring Wadi Rum, your first feeling was that you had arrived on Mars! The landscape was breathtaking, and countless valleys and rock formations revealed themselves at every turn.


Unfortunately, there are no best roads in Wadi Rum; You can’t explore the desert without a jeep tour because there are no roads inside the desert, and driving anything, but a 4×4 car is hazardous. Booking a jeep tour in Wadi Rum will make your life much easier. You’ll have an experienced driver who knows every corner of this desert. He will take you to the most beautiful attractions, and he will tell you more about the life of Bedouins and how they live nowadays. Also, jeep tours are affordable and a unique experience you can enjoy without worrying you’ll get lost.


You have two options to book your Wadi Rum camp with jeep tours. First, you can go directly to the Visitor Center and book a jeep tour. If you’re spending the night in a Bedouin Camp, then you can talk to your host and ask them to book a Wadi Rum camp with jeep tours for you. They can arrange a 2-6-hour jeep tour based on how much time you have to spend in Wadi Rum.


Booking a Wadi Rum camp with jeep tours is one of the must-have experiences while you are in Jordan. Rum Magic Nights organise several Wadi Rum camps with jeep tours based on clients’ interests & budgets. Spending time in the desert with them will make you realise how incredible nature is. Let Rum Magic Nights know if you have any questions in your mind. They will be happy to answer you! For more information, mail at .

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