Staying at a camp in the Martian desert of Wadi Rum along with a jeep tour adds a unique flavor to your vacation. Nights in Wadi Rum are really mesmerizing. You cannot think of any incident which is more romantic and adventurous than gazing at the stars while staying in a camp in Wadi Rum. However, not all camps are the same. So, let us see how you can select the best Wadi Rum camp with jeep tours.


Comfort level 

You need to understand the level of comfort that you can have while staying at the camp. It is not possible to have the pleasure of all modern amenities in the camps; however, you need to determine that the facilities in the camp offer basic amenities to have a proper rest and healthy food.

Competitive price

The price of staying at such camps varies. Some charge exorbitant rates and do not offer the best of facilities. To have a booking at a competitive rate, you need to be with a reputed tour operator. They offer the best camping facilities at an affordable price. Moreover, being with such a reliable tour operator you can expect to not have a surprise from hidden costs at the end of the tour.


A safe way of booking 

The method of booking must be safe and convenient. These camps in Wadi Rum fill up fast. So, it is wise to book well ahead of time. While booking you need to see whether the tour operator gives you a confirmation of your booking and payments.

The method of booking needs to be online. However, you must also have the opportunity to speak with the representative of the tour operator to clear any confusion.

Know the accompanying tour details

It is not that you are in Wadi Rum, just to rest in the camp and taste delicious food. You are there also to explore the Martian desert. You need to ascertain the tour details before you book. You need to know from where the tour will start and which natural and historical places you will visit during the tour. Generally, the tour takes you to Nabatean temple, Lawrence’s spring, Anfeeshiah inscription, Lawrence’s house, little bridge, and Khazali Canyon.


Nature of hospitality and way of communication

You also need to know about the hospitality that you can expect at the camp. The staff at the camp need to be friendly and courteous. The staff of reputed tour operators are local Bedouins; however, they are very courteous and friendly.

You also need to ascertain, whether the camp authorities arrange for the best of food in a hygienic setting. You also need to know whether you can taste Bedouin delicacies at the camp.

Coming to communication, you need to ascertain whether the staff at the camp can speak English. If you see otherwise, it is best not to book camps and tours from that tour operator.

If you keep these aspects of staff, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, value for money, and location you can definitely book the best Wadi Rum camp with jeep tours.

camel ride

Rum Magic Nights is a reliable tour operator that many rely on to have the best experience in Wadi Rum. They are Bedouin and desire to make it possible for their guests to have the ideal opportunity to experience and explore Wadi Rum and Bedouin culture. Reach them at +962795022001 to book your camp and tour in Wadi Rum.

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