There are diverse hiking chances in Wadi Rum. The colossal sandstone and granite mountains mounting out of the sand valleys, the narrow canyons, most of them with ancient inscriptions and petroglyphs, and the tents of Bedouin are distinct aspects of the Martian desert. Reputed tour operators organize Wadi Rum hiking tours and offer you the chance to discover the varied landscape and spend a night at a safe and comfortable camp. They take proper care so that you can have a safe and comfortable tour.


Best time to hike in Wadi Rum 

The ideal time to hike in Wadi Rum is from February to April and September to November. The weather stays mild, and the temperature stays in the mid-20s during these months. Moreover, the night sky remains clear for stargazing. If you come during winter, it can be comfortable if you come prepared. However, it is wise to avoid the summer months. The summer months are extremely hot so it will be pleasant to hike during such a weather conditions.


Ideal to book the overnight package 

Booking the overnight package is astute if you love to remain outside and enjoy the desert scene. Booking such a tour, you can stay at a desert camp following a day of climbing and enjoy the night, tasting Bedouin supper and tea. Your guide will prepare a Bedouin supper over a hot charcoal fire just before your eyes. If you want, you can remain in the open. You could have beddings, cushions, covers, and a tent to rest in the open. The night will be excellent as you lay on the sand and look at the night sky.


The experience that you can expect

The visit will begin like the jeep tours that you have in Wadi Rum. The hiking guide will pick you up from Wadi Rum village and take you to Lawrence’s spring. You will then be at the sand dunes and have a stroll on the delicate sand. Your guide will plan lunch and Bedouin tea here. Arriving at Khazali canyon, you can stroll through the gorge. At last, you will climb to the sunset region and go through the night at the camp.

It is without a doubt you will have an incredible encounter. The hike and the stay at the camp will give your Jordanian holiday to have a new flavour. You can rest or help your guide at the camp to prepare supper. Then, as night sets in, you can enjoy your supper watching Bedouin music and dance.


Star gazing in Wadi Rum is a fantastic experience. The clear sky allows having a complete look at all the stars above.

If you desire to have the best Wadi Rum hiking tours, it is prudent to be with Rum Magic Nights. They, as locals and Bedouins, can organize the best tours. Their charges are also moderate without any compromise on safety or comfort. So call them at +962 7 9525 3447 to book your place on tour.

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