How could you visit an empty desert in a nation brimming with mind-boggling sights? Yes, I will if that desert is as captivating and powerful as Jordan’s Wadi Rum! Situated in southwest Jordan, this desert is a famous place of interest. Yet, there are essential things to be aware of before going there, so you have the ideal experience.


The Weather conditions are Seasonal 

However, it could shock you for a desert environment in the Middle East; the desert has exceptionally unmistakable seasons, with varying temperatures every four seasons.

The climate in the desert is lovely all year: daytime temperatures range from a normal of 10°C (50°F) in winter, that is November to February, to 35°C (95°F) in summer during June to September. On the other hand, average nightly lows are approximately 10 degrees Celsius colder than during the day.


The Ideal Time to Visit Wadi Rum

The ideal time depends on how much heat and sun you appreciate.

For a great many people, spring and fall are the best opportunity to visit the Jordanian desert. However, between March and May and September and November, you will encounter warm days without much heat and sunshine.

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Where to Stay

There are many Bedouin camps where you can stay. However, as you will be with a reputed tour operator, they will arrange for the best place to stay. The tents will be comfortable and make it possible to look inside into the Bedouin lifestyle. Moreover, the camps will be safe to stay with family. Therefore, you can enjoy most while you stay there are have the pleasure of enjoying Bedouin hospitality.

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Ancient Human History 

For what reason would we say we are attracted to visit Wadi Rum? It may be the case that – in the same way as other antiquated locales – our human legacy dates such a long way back that we are inseparably attracted to the area.

In this Jordanian desert, humanity’s set of experiences has been dated to ancient times. Here you will track down petroglyphs from lost civilizations and marks left by explorers in recent centuries. The Bedouin people are the conventional occupants of the region and many live semi-customarily in the town of Wadi Rum.

If you view this as captivating, make sure to book a visit to Wadi Rum that incorporates a visit to one of the petroglyph destinations; your guide can tell you more about the set of direct experiences.


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