Wadi Rum desert was one of Jordan’s highlights of any travel itinerary. It was almost there as a bucket list destination after Petra. Featuring magnificent rock formations, apparently endless expanses of sand, and the well-known Wadi Rum Jeep Tour, staying in Beduine camps and Camel Rides! It’s no surprise that Wadi Rum is widely considered one of Jordan’s top places to visit.

A fun, full-day Jeep tour mainly covers all the best sites and most beautiful areas in the protected area. It is an experience, unlike anything you may have experienced before!

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Are you planning to spend a day & a night or even more in Wadi Rum & at a Bedouin desert camp? These Wadi Rum jeep tours will help you make the most of your experience in the Jordanian desert. Several travel operators arrange the Wadi Rum jeep tour to give a memorable experience & adventure for travelers of all ages! Select the best one that can accommodate your conditions & budget.

This jeep (or 4×4) Wadi Rum jeep tour is a full-day jeep tour that starts in the morning and ends at sunset! In this tour, you will have plenty of opportunities to get out of the jeep, do a few short walks, and explore the sites on foot & camel. Professional Jordanian Bedouin guides host all the Wadi Rum jeep tours. They are flexible to accommodate your needs accordingly; just let them know about your planning.


A typical Wadi Rum jeep tour itinerary includes at least one night in the desert. It will start with arriving at the desert, taking a Jeep tour that ends at sunset, exploring red dunes and hidden canyons, and enjoying scenic views. Visit the valley’s Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Small Arch, and the scarlet Al Rama Sand Dune. Next, your Bedouin tour guide can make a simple Bedouin lunch in the desert.

Continue traveling by 4×4 after lunch to see Abu Khashaba Canyon and Um Fourth Rock Bridge. Finally, the tour guide will choose a beautiful area to watch the sunset.


If Magical desert sunset experiences are on your Jordan bucket list, camping in Wadi Rum is a must during your Wadi Rum jeep tour! Most tour operators suggest staying in a desert camp for the night. You will either head back to Wadi Rum Village after dusk or spend the night in one of the best traditional Bedouin Camps. You can’t stop marveling at the sensation and a night sky packed with stars. Have dinner at a Bedouin camp at night.

Wake up early the following day and have breakfast at camp. Explore the Wadi Rum’s Protected Area’s & best places of interest while traveling on a 4x4s jeep. And then heading towards the next Jordan destination. It was a fantastic way to end our trip to Wadi Rum.


Rum Magic Nights are extremely helpful with arranging the Wadi Rum jeep tour and staying in Wadi Rum. They explain everything precisely as you wish and answer all your questions quickly and professionally. They allow accommodating a maximum of six adults in one jeep. They also provide private tours based on the number of groups.

If you are interested in a guaranteed personal time, let us know when you are ready to contact us and make a booking. Don’t forget to ask for discounts when making a Wadi Rum jeep tour booking with Rum Magic Nights.

please contact Rum Magic Nights today! or  mail at Info@RumMagicNights.com .






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