As you sit over a rock watching the sunset in Wadi Rum, you will remember why Feist said it is prudent to watch the sunset over a different ocean and, if necessary, leave the comfortable life. When you watch the Wadi Rum sunset, you will wonder how magnificent the natural event can be.

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Watching the sunset at Wadi Rum 

The best moment of your tour of Wadi Rum will be when you stay perched on a rock and waiting for the sun to set. The vista that will unfold in front of you will be impossible to describe in words.

Yes, living in the desert is harsh. It is such even now though there are more openings to earn. The heat can be intolerable, and it can be freezing at night. It will be hard to believe how the Bedouin live in this harsh climate. However, as you watch the Wadi Rum sunsetyou will understand why the Bedouin prefer to stay here.

Covered in the delicate light of the sunset, the red sand hills and the big mountains will cause all of you to feel small. It will feel extremely humbling to be in the midst of such magnificence.


When all your companions perched on the stone with you keep silent, it will make the second even more powerful. You can only hear the breeze, and wherever you look, there will only be the heavenliness of the desert. Wadi Rum is amazingly stunning. You will feel fortunate to stand and observe its magnificence.

There are numerous areas to watch the sunset in Wadi Rum, and the local guide ought to have the option to direct you to a suitable spot close to the camp you will stay in around the evening time or on your way out of the desert if you are here just for a day.


The changing colour and the shadows of the colossal rock formations make a magical event unfold before your eyes. The seven colours of the sunlight constantly change, making the Martian desert offer a different perspective each time. Likewise, the rock formation’s shadows give the desert an extra-terrestrial feel. If you do not witness sunset or sunrise in Wadi Rum, you will surely miss the essence of adventure and excitement of being in this desert.

To experience the best, it is wise to be with a local tour operator. Being local, they know about the ideal place to be to watch the sunset. They will also arrange for the best camp to stay in if you desire to spend a night in the desert.


Rum Magic Nights is the ideal local tour operator to be with when you desire to visit Wadi Rum and experience the best. They are Bedouin and know about Wadi Rum like their hand. Moreover, they speak English, so there will be no communication gap during the tour. So, if you wish to have the best opportunity to watch the Wadi Rum sunset, contact them at +962 7 9525 3447.

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