There are varied hiking opportunities and camping in Wadi Rum. The gigantic sandstone and granite mountains rising out of the sand valleys, the narrow canyons, many having ancient inscriptions and petroglyphs, and the goat hairs tents of Bedouin are distinctive features of the Martian desert. The Wadi Rum hiking tours of reputed tour operators offer you the opportunity to explore the diverse landscape and spend a night at a comfortable and safe camp.


This guide will help you have the best experience during such a hiking tour.

Perfect time for a hiking tour in Wadi Rum

The best months for hiking in Wadi Rum are during February and April and from September to November. During these months, the weather is mild, with temperature in the mid-20s, and the night sky is clear to gaze at stars. The winter months can be comfortable if you come prepared; however, avoid the summer months.

Book the overnight package

If you love to stay outdoors and enjoy the desert landscape, it is wise to book the overnight package. Booking such, you can stay at a desert camp after a day of hiking and enjoy the night tasting Bedouin dinner and tea. Your guide will be cooking a Bedouin dinner over a hot wood-coal fire right before your eyes. Of course, if you desire, you can stay in the open. You can even have mattresses, pillows, blankets, and a tent if you do not want to sleep out in the open. The night will be excellent as you rest on the sand and gaze at the night sky.


Things essential to pack 

You need to have light and warm layers of clothes, a sun hat, sunscreen and sunglass, good hiking shoes, a backpack and a water bottle. These are the must that you need to carry with you.

How will be a typical hiking day in Wadi Rum 

The tour will start similar to the jeep tours in Wadi Rum. Your hiking guide will pick you up from Wadi Rum village and take you to Lawrence’s spring. You will then be at the sand dunes and have a walk on the soft sand. Your guide will prepare lunch and Bedouin tea here. Reaching Khazali canyon, you can walk through the canyon. Ultimately you will hike to the sunset area and spend the night at the camp.


The experience that waits for you

It is for sure you will have an unbeatable experience. The hiking and the stay at the camp will make your Jordanian vacation have a new flavour. You can rest or help your guide at the camp to cook dinner. Then, as night sets in, you can enjoy your dinner watching Bedouin songs and dance.


The experience of stargazing in Wadi Rum cannot have a comparison. The night sky is clear, so easily watch the stars and have a romantic and exciting night.

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