Of all the remarkable natural destinations in the world, Wadi Rum of Jordan has a unique place. The mysterious, beautiful, evocative and haunting desert draws vacationers and many filmmakers. The UNESCO heritage site, also called the Martian desert, transforms one out of the earthly environment.


Suppose you want to deeply explore the enormous desert setting and be at places like Lawrence’s Spring, Map, Sand Dunes, Lawrence House, Burrah Canyon, and Burdah Rock Bridge. Along with being at Um Fruth Rock Bridge, Small Arch, and Khazali Canyon, the way out is to be part of the Wadi Rum sunset jeep tour organized by a reputed tour operator. However, this tour’s excitement, experience and enjoyment will make it a unique place in your Jordan vacation. The tour is not just being at those places and exploring with a local guide; it is much more than that.

Let us know what we can expect during such a jeep tour in Wadi Rum.

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Before going into the experience, you can have during the tour, we mention comfort as that is what we expect to have during a vacation. Though the jeeps are customized pick-up vans, those arranged by reputed tour operators are well-maintained and offer comfortable seating arrangements. The drivers are professionals and drive safely to those various places. It is even possible to customize the tour so that you can have the opportunity to have a comfortable tour.

Riding a camel 

Though the tour’s name is a jeep tour, it starts with a camel ride from the Wadi Rum village. It is fascinating to have a camel ride in an actual desert scenario. You will travel riding a camel up to Lawrence’s Spring; from there, the real jeep tour starts.

camel ride

Drive during the sunset

Sunset in Wadi Rum is an event you cannot enjoy or experience in any other place. The driver, also your local guide, will stop near a rock formation, and you can sit on the rock to watch the fantastic sunset. The desert changes colour continuously and presents itself in a different perspective every moment. It will not be possible to describe the spectacular sunset in words, so it is wise to use the camera to capture the immaculate moments.

Enjoy Bedouin hospitality 

Reputed tour operators organize the Wadi Rum sunset jeep tour so that you can enjoy Bedouin hospitality. Bedouins are the original inhabitant of Wadi Rum, and in the camps where you will stay, you will have the opportunity to taste Bedouin food, watch their dance, and listen to their songs. In other words, the tour will expose you to the Bedouin culture and heritage.

wadirum camping

Spend an amazing night 

The night you spend in the Wadi Rum camp will be a romantic and, at the same time, adventurous one. It will be really fascinating to watch the stars and romantic to spend time in the open with your partner.

Rum Magic Nights is the ideal local tour operator to be with if you want to enjoy the above experiences during the Wadi Rum sunset jeep tour. Call them at +962 7 9525 3447 to learn more about their Wadi Rum jeep tour.






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