You will have an unforgettable experience while touring Wadi Rum. A tour of the desert will make you understand how fascinating nature can be and how insignificant we are. It is wise to be with reputed tour operators so that you can enjoy the real perspective of the desert. We share with you the do’s and don’ts and following those will make your experience still more mesmerizing.


Gather memories and not things

It is for sure you will have excellent memories of touring this mesmerizing desert. Your mind will be full of the adventure and views of this Martian desert. You can click photos and videos to have a visual representation of your tour. You can easily share the pictures with your friends and family members back at home. However, we have a habit of collecting items from the places we visit. We would advise you to avoid doing such when you are in Wadi Rum. It is best to have your memories in your mind or pictures rather than on items collected from the desert.


Leave only footprints  

The desert is a harsh place but full of life. The fossils you notice tell us about the ancient presence of water, the writings and drawings allow us to know about the people who stayed and traveled through the desert and the animal tracks let us know about the animals who call this desert their home. However, the car tracks and the footprints show the presence of humans. Doing such will help the desert to be as pristine as it was before.

Wear dresses appropriately 

The summer days can be sweltering and the winter nights cold. It is wise to bring different layers of clothes. Carrying such you can wear appropriately during the day and night. It is also best to dress modestly so that you do not face any problems during the tour.


Enjoy the darkness but have a flashlight 

If you are in Wadi Rum, you cannot avoid watching the stars at night. The experience of watching billions of stars in a dark night is really exciting. However, we are not so habituated to the dark and may find it difficult to walk in the darkness. So, do bring a flashlight which you can use when you need to go from one place to another at the night.

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If you follow these do’s and don’ts and be with Rum Magic Nights you can have an adventurous and mesmerizing Wadi Rum tour. Call them at 962795022001 to plan your tour. For more information email at .

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