Planning a Wadi Rum Desert tour? Rum Magic Nights is happy to have you. We would love to offer you tour packages for Wadi Rum Desert. We make trips fun and memorable for the visitors by offering them a properly organized tour. We understand different requirements and expectations of clients, and keeping in mind the different needs of different clients, we design packages accordingly.


Rum Magic Nights has years of experience in this tourism industry and therefore, we today stand as one of the dependable tour companies to contact for booking tours. We make the Wadi Rum tour pleasant for clients.

If you want to make your Wadi Rum desert visit a remarkable visit then we would proudly say that you are at the perfect tour company. We will be giving you the right tour, making sure you explore Wadi Rum in the most fun way. Our tours and camping services are highly reliable.

Wadi Rum is a place worth visiting. Wadi Rum is called the ‘Valley of Moon’. It is one of the very tourist attractions of Jordan. If you love adventure and nature then Wadi Rum is just for you. Here, you can explore desert landscapes and classic sites as well.


Wadi Rum’s visit with us will be super smooth, we will be arranging everything right so that you can enjoy your whole trip without any difficulty. We vow you first-class service. You will find Rum Magic Nights to be the right company to book a tour and camping package from.

Wadi Rum Desert is a must to visit if you are in Jordan. The breathtaking beauty of the desert will surely melt your heart. You will nowhere find such an amazing chance to explore such a beautiful desert. The desert offers a lot to impress its visitors like the spectacular vistas of the towering cliffs and bold rocks formed. From the desert, monolithic rock capes rise up to a height of 1750m, which creates a natural challenge for mountaineers.


You can have camping, jeep tours, trekking, hiking, camel rides, and a lot more activities. Wadi Rum desert tour will surely give you the best experience. Furthermore, when there are Rum Magic Nights, you don’t have to worry about your trip, it will be the best for you and it’s our promise. We have experience in designing tours, so you just relax and make your plan ready about what all to do on your Wadi Rum desert trip.

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Are you excited? Rum Magic Nights is super excited to offer you its fabulous Wadi Rum Desert tours. Get the highest level of customer service from us. Your satisfaction matters. We put all our experiences and efforts to offer you the best of the best tour.For more information email at

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  1. Rum Magic Nights excels in providing unforgettable Wadi Rum Desert tours, perfectly tailored to diverse client expectations. Their commitment to seamless organization and top-notch service ensures every visitor enjoys an enriching experience of Jordan’s famed “Valley of the Moon.” From thrilling jeep tours to serene camping under starlit skies, they promise a journey filled with adventure and natural beauty. For a truly remarkable desert escapade, trust Rum Magic Nights to deliver a memorable and hassle-free experience. Discover more at

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