The Wadi Rum desert is frequently referred to as extraterrestrial since its topography resembles the Moon or Mars more than Earth. Because of this, the Wadi Rum desert is frequently referred to as “The Valley of the Moon.” Wadi Rum is an excellent option if you like to enjoy the great outdoors! It has a remarkable range of yellow and red sands in addition to the dark color of some of the mountains’ gradient bases.

You may be amazed to see millions of stars illuminate the night, dark sky and the moon illuminating the mountains. All these make it a fairy-tale landscape. Everything is fabulous here, but nothing can beat the time of sunrise and sunset in Wadi Rum.

While the top things to do are a few activities in Wadi Rum, you could attempt a Wadi Rum sunset tour. Some could be completed solely from your campsite, while it is advisable to pre-book a time for others. Of course, once you’re within Wadi Rum, you can enjoy several activities, like watching the sunset! In addition, you can see the sunrise from the camp, although depending on the time of year, you might need to get up early.

The magic of dawn in the Wadi Rum desert


Depending on the season, the sun rises between 05.30 and 06.45 in the morning. However, the romance of dawn begins 30 minutes earlier. The night’s calm will be shattered by the faint sound of birds making their morning chirp as soon as the first light appears. The darkness of the desert night begins to fade gradually, and the air is now fresher.

The sky is clear for the majority of the year. However, the atmosphere transforms as the sun rises from black to purple, orange, and hazy blue, which will get darker as it rises higher over the horizon. The mountains lose their ominous shades of black and grey. When the first sunbeams hit the mountain summits, they gradually transform into soft yellows and reds. It is beautiful for tourists to witness the calm and majesty of daybreak. Therefore, visiting Wadi Rum when you are in Jordan is worthwhile.

The beauty of sunset in the Wadi Rum desert


Depending on the season, the sun sets between 16.30 and 19.45 in the afternoon. A spectacular color shift occurs around sunset. A natural color frenzy is going on. Slowly, the sky changes from a calming blue to an intense orange to a blazing red. The atmosphere transforms its color as the sun sets, going from pink to purple to dusty grey and finally thick dusk. Eventually, the night is reduced to the star-filled abyss of darkness.


Don’t forget to occasionally turn around to observe how the setting sun sets the yellow mountains on fire and ablaze the crimson mountains. See how the dunes and rock formations’ shadows spread out far? Stay calm and see how the beauty of nature overwhelms you. You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere this time of day holds together with your partner. Soon after sunset, the temperatures drop quickly.

camel ride

If you’re only staying for a short while, the local guide should be able to point you in the direction of a suitable position that is close to the camp you will sleep in at night or on your way out of the desert. There are various places to view a sunset in the desert. Most tours include enjoying the sunset in Wadi Rum, one of our favorite areas of Rum Magic Nights. Are you excited to see it in reality? Contact Rum Magic Nights today! or  mail at .

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