Do you desire to experience the mysterious desert sunsets, the impression of smooth sand slipping under your toes, and a night sky so loaded with stars that you cannot quit wondering about it? If these encounters are on your Jordan list of must-dos, Wadi Rum camping is an unquestionable requirement during your outing!


That being said, there are a few things we wish you should know before you try camping in Wadi Rum.

If you desire to spend a night in a Bedouin desert camp, the tips we share will assist you with capitalizing on your experience sleeping in the Martian desert.

How is it like camping in Wadi Rum?

Camping in Wadi Rum is a supernatural encounter! Generally, an overnight trip to Wadi Rum will include a Jeep tour that will take you to the various features of the desert, a camel ride, and having dinner and breakfast in your preferred camp.

The tour and camel ride are discretionary; however, they are the top activities in Wadi Rum for an explanation and are worth including! The perspectives and encounters are extraordinarily critical.


A typical Wadi Rum camping schedule that includes one night in the desert is showing up in the early evening, taking a Jeep tour that finishes at dusk, having dinner at camp, getting up early the following morning and having breakfast at camp. It also includes enjoying a camel ride, and afterwards, head off to your next Jordan objective.

Some essential tips 

Before you settle to select a camp, it is wise to have a detailed discussion with your tour operator about the camping facilities. You need to know about the amenities you can access while staying in the camp. Before booking a camp, it is wise to be sure about all the features.


Having a Jordanian SIM card is also essential if you desire to make your life easier. However, even if you have a Jordanian SIM card, it will not be possible to have a mobile signal everywhere. It would be unwise to cancel your Wadi Rum camping trip due to this inconvenience. What is the harm if you stay disconnected from the rest of the world by spending some time in a Martian desert?

Have plenty of snacks and water with you during the trip. But, of course, contingent upon your hunger, how long you are staying in the desert, and which camp you pick, you may not require any of your tidbits or water. Yet it is wiser to be safe than sorry!


Wadi Rum Village has a couple of little shops where you can purchase essential bites like chips, treats, and beverages before heading into the desert.

It is essential to have bug spray with you as some parts of the desert have mosquitoes. It is also wise to dress appropriately. As it is a desert, there will be a considerable temperature difference between day and night. So, have clothing in like manner to stay comfortable.

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