It is a magical experience to spend a night in the Martian desert of Wadi Rum. Generally, the tour will begin with a jeep trip to the places of interest in Wadi Rum, and at the end of the trip, you will reach a campsite to spend the night instead of coming back to Wadi Rum village. After spending an amazing and exciting night at the Wadi Rum camp, you will return to the village the following day after breakfast. Therefore, it is a must that you book Wadi Rum camp with jeep tours from a reputed tour operator so that you can enjoy most while having a safe and comfortable stay at the camp.

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There are camps varying in quality and price; however, those of reputed tour operators will help you have a safe and comfortable stay while paying the price within your budget.

What are the camps like? 

You may have been on a hike and stayed in a tent. In such instances, you had to build a tent or camp to stay at. However, in Wadi Rum, the scenario is entirely different. These camps are semi-permanent, including beds, bathrooms and other amenities. If you select a deluxe camp, you can expect to have a private bathroom, while if it is a classic one, you need to share a bathroom.

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The itinerary begins with a jeep tour which ends at sunset, and your stay at the camp starts. The night you spend will be a way to live a life like a local Bedouin. You can taste Bedouin food and listen to and see Bedouin songs and dance. After dinner, spend a part of the night gazing at the night sky and looking at the endless stars.

How to have the best camping experience in Wadi Rum 

We discuss some points that will help have the best camping experience in Wadi Rum.


Select the best tour operator

It is not that you can be with any tour operator to have the best camping experience in Wadi Rum. It would help if you were with a reputed tour operator and then also look at the camp’s pictures and its interior displayed on their site. However, if you are with a reputed tour operator, you can be sure to have a safe and comfortable stay.

Know the features included in the tour

It is wise to know the inclusions of the tour before booking. Know the places you will visit, whether they will serve dinner and breakfast, have the opportunity to use bathrooms and what other amenities you will have access to.

Suppose you are with a reputed tour operator. In that case, you can expect to have a 3 hours jeep tour with an English-speaking driver to places of tourist interest in Wadi, enjoy lunch during the jeep tour and have dinner and breakfast at the camp and stay at a comfortable and safe camp at night.

It is ideal to contact Rum Magic Nights as they organize the best Wadi Rum camp with jeep tours. Call them at +962 7 9525 3447 to book your camp and tour.

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