How would it be if you and your group could reach Mars? You may feel afraid due to the rocket blast or traveling far into space. However, if you are in Jordan, you can walk on Martian land without fear of traveling in a rocket. If you have contacted a reputed local tour operator, they can organize Wadi Rum group tours and help you to have a Martian experience while you are still on Earth.


Let us see what you can do in Wadi Rum, the Martian desert.

Explore on a 4×4

Quite possibly, the best thing to do in Wadi Rum is to explore by a 4×4. If you are staying in one of the camps or bubble resorts, your convenience will, in all likelihood, sort this out for you. If you are with a reputed tour operator, they will also arrange for such a tour. You can book a 2, 3, or 4-hour tour of each of the desert’s best landscapes. Moreover, the local Bedouins control most of the tours, which is an incredible method for getting to know their way of life and lifestyle.

wadirum camping

Have a star gazing tour 

You may think, why is it not possible to have star gazing on your own? Yes, it is possible; however, you will not have all the facilities that you will have when with a reputed tour operator. They will take you to a place where the lights from the tents do not reach and arrange for a telescope where you can star gaze. It is an experience impossible to have in any other place. However, the clear atmosphere makes it possible to have an exciting star gazing experience.

Try to know the local Bedouins 

If you are in Jordan, you will understand how much they love tea and desires to share that with their guests. The Bedouins are no exception. When you are in Wadi Rum, you can enjoy tea with a local Bedouin group and learn about their lifestyle and culture.

Stay at a Bedouin tent 


If you wish to have a fantastic experience in Wadi Rum, stay in a Bedouin tent with your group. You will love their hospitality and care. It will be possible to taste local cuisines, sip Bedouin tea and understand their culture and way of life.

Have a hike in the desert 


Another fantastic thing you can do in Wadi Rum is enjoy hiking. Many spots are ideal for such physical activity; if your group members agree, go for it. You will find many rocks to climb, be at the Bedouin store or ride a camel to give the hiking tour a new dimension.

Experience sunrise or sunset

It is an entirely different experience to watch sunset or sunrise in Wadi Rum. However, if you have energy, you can hike to a better viewpoint to enjoy the most.


If you desire to undertake such activities during Wadi Rum group tours, it is prudent to contact Rum Magic Nights at +962 7 9525 3447. As they are Bedouins and reputed tour operators, you can expect to have the best experience with them.

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