Jordan is a beautiful country drawing many vacations to visit places like Petra, Amman, the Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum. If you wish to have an experience of spending time in a desert without going to the Sahara or Morocco, it is prudent to be in Wadi Rum, the Martian desert. The experience at Wadi Rum will be far more exciting and adventurous than you can have in Sahara or Morocco. Booking a Wadi Rum jeep touryou can explore the entire desert and spend a night there in a Martian desert.


The initial feeling that you will have after starting the jeep tour would be that you have left the Earth and reached Mars. At every turn, you will come face-to-face with countless valleys and peculiar rock formations.

The speciality of Wadi Rum 

Bedouins live in this seemingly deserted place. Some live as nomads, while some do business and live in the Wadi Rum village. Nature has engraved some attractive imposing forms into the rocks of Wadi Rum. At each step, there is something remarkable to see.

wadirum camping

Why book a Wadi Rum jeep tour 

Unfortunately, Wadi Rum has no infrastructure, which means that there are only some limited roads to and from the Visitor Center and Wadi Rum Village. Therefore, you can’t explore the desert without a jeep tour as there are no roads inside the desert. Moreover, driving whatever but a 4×4 car is very unsafe.

The desert can be very misleading. The rock formations and the valleys may look similar. Therefore, it is easy to get lost. It is possible to drive a 4×4 car in Wadi Rum, paying a tax at the Visitor Center; however, we do not recommend it. The driver of the Wadi Rum jeep tour is familiar with the desert and knows the route to follow. So, there is no chance of getting lost, and you can explore the entire desert easily.


How will the experience 

When you book a jeep tour, it is impossible for you to understand what waits for you during the jeep tour. The jeeps are converted pick-up trucks having two benches fitted at the back. One thing you need to ensure if you are there during summer is requesting your tour operator to arrange for a jeep with a cover over the seat.


Before you start the jeep tour, explain to your driver what activity you desire to experience. For example, you can try sand-boarding or a camel tour. You will be at places of tourist interest like Nabatean temple, Lawrence’s spring, Anfeeshiah inscription, Lawrence house, Al Mahma, Burdah rock bridge, Um frouth rock rock bridge, little bridge, and Khazali Canyon. Along with this, do make sure that you visit a Bedouin camp. You can buy a souvenir or have a cup of tea. It will also help you look at their way of life.


Booking a jeep tour in Wadi Rum from Rum Magic Nights is one of the not to miss experiences in Jordan. By endeavouring this tour, you will understand how fantastic nature can be. So call them at 962 7 9525 3447 to book a Wadi Rum jeep tour.   For more information mail at .

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