Located in the southern part of Jordan, there is a place nicknamed Valley of the Moon. It is a vast desert landscape having red sand and peculiarly shaped formations of rocks. You may be wondering which place we are talking about; it is Wadi Rum in Jordan. You may have heard the name but may be unaware of the amazing facts that we will share with you.


It is as massive as 74200 hectares 

The location of Wadi Rum is in the extreme south of Jordan and east of the Rift Valley. Since 1997 it has been officially protected. The officially protected part is vast and is about 74200 hectares. It is almost the size of New York City. 

Due to the vastness and other unique aspects to witness in this desert, it is wise to be with a reputed tour operator if you wish to have the best exploration. 

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It is like Mars 

Even though you will be on this Earth; however, as you step foot on the blood-red sand or stand in front of unworldly mountains of sandstone, you will feel you have reached Mars. It is a pleasure to spend time in this Martian desert with a local and knowledgeable guide. 



Witness red-rock wilderness 

You will not just see extensive sand dunes and gigantic rock mountains but also a remarkable series of natural arches, soaring cliffs, enormous landslides, theatrical echoing weathering forms and narrow gorges at Wadi Rum. It is a fairy-tale setting you will be in. The variety and massive scale of its landforms, the distance view of both extensive wadis and narrow canyons, and the reddish-orange hues enhance its aesthetic.

You will be in an open-air library

Wadi Rum in Jordan not only has a fantastic desert landscape, but it also has an astonishing cultural landscape. You can witness 25,000 petroglyphs, 20,000 inscriptions, and 154 archaeological sites. It traces back the progress of human thoughts and the development of alphabets. The petroglyphs also help us understand the climate change responsible for the development of this Martian desert.


Be in a place where humans lived 12000 years ago 

The petroglyphs, inscriptions and the archaeological sites reveal that humans lived at Wadi Rum as far back as 12000 years. The Thamud people lived here from at least the 8th century BC; they were a nomadic tribe related to Nabateans. Currently, the Bedouin call Wadi Rum their place.

A paradise for adventure lovers

You cannot miss being at Wadi Rum in Jordan if you love adventure. You can enjoy jeep tours, trek, hike, and camp at Wadi Rum. Reputed tour operators organize such tours, and you can easily book through online means.


Witness mesmerizing sunset 

One of the best moments to witness in Wadi Rum is the mesmerizing sunset. The ray of the setting sun colours the landscape in different hues. You will witness the dance of colour in the sky and below until the sky becomes filled with numerous stars.

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