Ajloun castle

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The Ajloun castle is in the district of Mount Ajloun. The castle is on a hilltop.

The history, the beauty, and everything of the castle isa must to see and know once in a lifetime. It is well preserved in terms of its age and size. You would love to visit the castle and that’s for sure. The castle is a famous attraction in Jordan.

Ajloun Castle visit:We will be planning a perfect trip for your Ajloun castle visit.

It was built by huddin AL Ayyoubi. The hilltop on which it was built was 1100 meters above sea level.

Initially, the structure had a compact nucleus stronghold with four main towers. The structure went through many construction stages. In the second stage of construction enlargements of the castle was completed and the seventh tower was even added. The next stage was focused on the renewal of the northeast tower. Restoration of the western castle part concluded as the fourth stage of construction. After the castle was taken by Mamluks, renovations were carried out by Aibak ibn Abdullah. Two new towers were being added during the renovation. Mongol invaders destroyed the castle in 1260 but then it was immediately built. Earthquakes in 1837 and 1927 damaged structures again. It is currently being restored. The construction stages of the castle have their own history.


Ajloun is a remarkable place having connections between land, people, and culture that made a rich history. Ajloun is today an agricultural community. It has amazing archeological sites. There are several sites apart from the castle people know.


You will get to experience a beautiful castle visit with us. With walking across the bridge, you will have to walk through the doorway into the castle’s main body. Get to see carvings of birds. The galleries and rooms show fabulous glimpses of the surrounding countryside. The gorgeous architectural features like the gap in the ceiling, and storehouses of the stone allow the imagination of free rein. To explore the interesting shape of the castle you can climb on top of it. You will surely admire the beauty with which it is built.

There’s a lot to explore in the castle. So, get ready for an interesting Ajloun castle visit.

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