Jordan is a safe and friendly tourist destination where you can get close to world wonders and have world-class hospitality. Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea and Jerash are four places that you cannot miss to visit when you are on a vacation to Jordan. Let us know about these places to visit in Jordan so that you can have an adventurous, exciting and enjoyable vacation.



This New 7 Wonders of the World has mesmerized visitors since its rediscovery 200 years ago by a Swiss explorer. There are 800 registered sites that you can visit in Petra. As you enter you will notice the mysterious Djinn Blocks, it is still a mystery why the Nabateans built this. The Obelisk Tomb will help you to understand why Petra is not a place to miss visiting.

Walking through the Siq, you will reach the Treasury. Adventures are unending in Petra; however, do not miss visiting Street of Facades, High Place of Sacrifice, Theater, Colonnaded Street and Monastery. Each has a story to tell. Do not miss the opportunity to book a ticket to the Petra by Night, it will add a new dimension to your vacation.

Wadi Rum 

Heading towards the southern region of Jordan you will come across a Martian desert – Wadi Rum. The sandstone and granite rock valley will give you the pleasure of having an outwardly experience. You can enjoy camel rides or ride Arabian horses, go rock climbing, hike through the canyons, or enjoy ATV tours. Your guide will take you to Khazali Canyon, and you can see the petroglyphs dating back to the 8th century BC. Do not forget to spend a night in Wadi Rum to enjoy the stargazing experience and immerse yourself in Bedouin culture and food.



You will love to travel back in time when you are in Jerash. It is the best-preserved ancient Roman city that you can visit. You can begin your tour walking through the Hadrian’s Arch and follow on to the Hippodrome. Imagine the adventure of walking through a gate that is 11 meters tall and finding yourself in a sports arena where 15000 other spectators used to enjoy chariot races and fights of gladiators. The Forum is another place that you should not miss a visit. The Temple of Zeus is also a not to miss place to visit.


Dead Sea

One of the quintessential things to do in Jordan is to float in the Dead Sea. It is 418 meters below sea level and you easily reach it by car from Amman which is another place that you cannot miss to visit. The mineral-rich water and the mud is loved by tourist and you can float on the water and cover your body with the mud to have relief from skin ailments.


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