Wadi Rum is filled with harsh landscapes, rugged mountains, sweeping burnt-orange dunes, wild roaming camels, and even sand that changes colors. The Bedouin, a nomadic tribe who are always happy to share their culture and, of course, a cup of tea with you, call this region home. It is home to a rich culture, stunning landscape, and Bedouin.

This place is known for great hospitality with no expectations for anything in return. A desert is a vast place, and there are many things to see & do. That’sThat’s why we think it’s worth booking a private Wadi Rum hiking tour so you can see exactly what you want. Be sure to inform your guide what areas of the desert you want to visit.

wadirum camping


The best thing to do in your Wadi Rum hiking tours is to watch the milky way at night and gaze at the shooting stars. This was the highlight of most Wadi Rum hiking tours itinerary. Wadi Rum’sRum’s night sky left me spellbound, which is why tour operators recommend staying for at least a night in Wadi Rum.

Enjoy traditional Bedouin lunch/dinner and tea.

Wadi Rum is an area of rich culture, outstanding landscape, and home to the Bedouin: nomadic people who are always happy to share their culture and, of course, a cup of tea with you. As a result, you won’t find street food in Wadi Rum. Instead, most camps provide ”Zarb”, traditional food cooked in an underground oven lined with bricks. Some camps also have musicians who sing classic Bedouin songs for entertainment.


Hike across the desert on foot

You can select a hiking excursion that suits you here; they can last a few hours or perhaps all day. Since becoming lost in the desert is simple, it is advisable to hike in a group. The Jordan Trail consists of a 650 km hike across Jordan. It is the country’s longest hike and involves trekking from Petra to Wadi Rum and from Wadi Rum to the Red Sea in this area.

Try climbing a rock.

On your Wadi Rum hiking trips, you might decide to take one of the various rock climbing routes. Most of the rock climbing in Wadi Rum is classic rock climbing, but there are also a few beginner-friendly choices with anchor points on the rocks.


Climb a camel.

More extended full-day versions allow you to take a camel ride through the desert. You can extend your journey by adding a brief camel ride. You would have to pay 20–30 JD for these little tours lasting an hour or two. Because riding a camel for an extended period is uncomfortable, choose short journeys.

Go in a hot air balloon.

A hot air balloon ride is a fantastic opportunity to see the sun rise over the fantastical setting. These trips go 1.5 to 2 hours and begin in the early morning before the sun rises. Each participant will pay about 130 JD for it.

camel ride

Go horseback riding 

You can ride the well-trained horses owned by Bedouin households to explore the desert. However, competent riders would find it simpler to ride horses in the vast, open spaces of the desert.

Desert Jeep Adventure

A 4×4 jeep excursion is ideal for exploring the distinctive desert vistas. However, many options are available, from group tours to private tours that you can book directly from your hotel.


Not only is a hiking tour of Wadi Rum one of Jordan’s highlights, but it’s also probably one of your most unforgettable desert excursions ever. If you’re wondering how long you should stay in Wadi Rum, read on. Most travel manuals advise staying one or two nights in Wadi Rum. It means a three-day Wadi Rum tour was enough to see the desert and experience staying in a Bedouin camp. For more information on Wadi Rum hiking tours, please contact Rum Magic Nights today! or  mail at Info@RumMagicNights.com .






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  1. Discover the rugged beauty of Wadi Rum with a private hiking tour, offering personalized exploration of its breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy stargazing under the Milky Way, savor traditional Bedouin meals, and hike or climb the stunning desert terrain. Enhance your adventure with camel rides, hot air balloon trips, and desert jeep excursions for an unforgettable experience in this mesmerizing region.

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