Explore Chilka Lake Tourism- The Best Part of Tailor-Made Odisha Tour Packages

Odisha is the place where nature inspires to live & teach people how to live with its breathtaking natural beauty lush green valleys, historical sites, sacred Temples, glistening lakes, enchanting wildlife, and breathtaking waterfalls. For most vacationers, nothing can be better than moving to a new destination like Odisha. It could be a top in the bucket list for those with wanderlust or traveling enthusiasts.

How to reach Chilika Lake?

The arrival of nature lovers and bird-watchers truly drives tourism in Chilika Lake. Travelers of all ages from all walks of life come here to enjoy the splendid ambiance of this region and go back home with eternal memories. Chilika Lake is located south of the Purl district in the eastern coastal state Odisha. Here is a brief travel guide to help you plan out a trip to Chilika Lake. The closest airport where tourists fly in to reach the nearest town from Chilika Lake is the BijuPatnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar. There is both public and private transportation available from the airport to reach any of the entry points to Chilika Lake. The travelers coming from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack can also book the car hire service from the ODCAR platform to reach Chilika Lake via National Highway 5.

What is the best time to visit Chilika Lake?

The ideal time to be in Chilika is during the winter season (October – February). The average temperature during this period ranges around 18 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. Uncounted species of migratory birds also visit during these months and make this region as their breeding place. For nature and wildlife lovers, there is no better time to take a trip to Chilika Lake then during winter. The summer season (March – September) is not a good time to visit Chilika Lake, as it gets quite hot during the peak months. The maximum temperature averages around 45 degree Celsius,

What are the things to do in Chilika Lake?

Queen of natural beauty Chilika Lake spreads over an area of 1100 sq. Km. It is also known to be the largest salt-water lagoon in Asia. It is also much famous for bird watching, boating, and watching the extraordinary marine life.

Bird Watching:

Bird Watching- Chilika Tour Package

The Chilika Lake is the hub for local and migratory birds (Siberia and other parts of the world) in winter. It seems to be the main attraction for bird lovers that come to Chilika Lake as a part of their Odisha tour packages. Bird-watchers and wildlife enthusiasts assemble here in this region to witness the thriving population of hundreds of bird species and many other resident animal species.


Boating- Chilka Lake tourism

Chilika Lake is accessible from several neighboring towns like Barkul, Rambha, Satapada, and Balugaon. You can access all such places via boating, and a cruise in Chilika Lake will be a life-long memory. Kalijai Island, Honeymoon Island, Breakfast Island, Birds Island, Nalabana (Island of Reeds), Parikud Island, etc. are some of the famous and exciting spots inside the lake. It can be used to reach the lake and the many islands around it. The boats are available in the 7-seater to 34-seater type, and drifting along on these boats is a refreshing experience.

Watch the Dolphins:

Watch the Dolphins- Odisha tour packages

Chilika Lake region is one of the only two locations in the world where you will found the rare Irrawady Dolphins. The travelers take the boating from Satapada to the dolphin spotting locations and enjoy watching different dolphin species, including Bottle Nosed Dolphin and the White Nosed Dolphin, apart from the Irrawady species.

Chilka Lake is one such place blessed with azure water surrounded by pristine nature, bird and marine life. Spending a few times here would be one of the most wonderful experiences in life. What are you waiting for? Let’s pack your bags and head to such a mesmerizing place to experience and cherish those lovely moments as part of Orissa tourism packages. OD TRAVEL organizes numerous Odisha tour packages and customized travel itineraries to explore Odisha at its best. For planning one of the excellent Orissa tourism packages, call OD TRAVEL at 9583 – 620 – 350 today!

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