Petra of Jordan

Known as the “Lost City”, the “Pink City”, and also the “Rose Red City”, Petra is a charming old city and UNESCO world heritage site settled in the desert canyons of southern Jordan. The dusty pink stone exterior and mystical desert landscape are well known for being among the world’s Seven Wonders. We state here the five reasons why not visiting Petra of Jordan makes a trip to the land incomplete. 

Dazzling natural beauty

The city of Petra, set into the dramatic mountains and canyons, was cut into the stone face by the old Nabateans. Entering the city is a mysterious encounter, and each step uncovers another miracle. As a visitor, you would wonder about the mysterious carvings in the stone as they wind through the secret pathways. 


A sight into history

Visiting Petra offers an exciting look into history. The city was once the flourishing capital of the Inside the city, you will see the remains of an inventive water framework from the Roman and Byzantine periods, which is especially noteworthy given the desert conditions. While visiting Petra, Nabateans. Situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, Petra was once a pivotal place to stop for traders. 

you will likewise wonder about the architecture, especially the complex carvings on the stone face, tombs, holy places and the archaeological discoveries of copper mining.

It is safe and easy to reach 

As Petra is a preserved heritage site and carries tourism to the locale, it is exceptionally focused on by the Jordanian government, which has guaranteed that it is both open and safe for vacationers. The nation depends vigorously on tourism and invites worldwide guests to visit this one-of-a-kind and magical site.

It is generally simple to make a trip to Petra, and the city is often visited on the way from Amman to Aqaba. However, visiting Petra in a group guided by reputed local tour operators is one of the most well-known ways of seeing it.

The social association

Individuals currently possessing the region around Petra and close by Wadi Rum are known as Bedouins. They are both a settled and nomadic tribe that has figured out how to practically adjust to the unforgiving desert conditions.

Bedouins are well known for their culture, hospitality, warmth, and profound comprehension of their natural surroundings. They have prevailed over time and found some harmony between incorporating into Jordanian culture and the locals and keeping up with their old customs.


Under the Stars

Visiting Petra of Jordan is an extraordinary encounter whenever you go; however, something stands out about Pink City around evening time. If you adventure down through the Siq after dark, you will find about 1,500 candles lighting your way to the Treasury.

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