Wadi Rum tours are not only one of the highlights of your Jordan vacation but will be one of the most memorable desert trips that you can ever have. One of the reasons is the Martian landscape and the other is exposure to the area’s rich Bedouin culture and the hospitality you can expect to have. Wadi Rum hiking tours are the ideal way to explore and experience this Martian desert.

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However, we make some mistakes and have some misconceptions that hamper our experience during such hiking tours. Let us see some of the mistakes that we need to avoid.

Tours or self-guide

Wadi Rum is a vast desert and it is quite easy to get lost. If you desire you can do the trip all by yourself but you need to keep in mind you can get lost any moment if you do not have great map reading skills.

Why have such a stressful vacation when you can be with reputed tour operators who offer the best of transportation, accommodation, and ample supplies? Reputed tour operators are local and have adequate insights about the place which they can share with you and take you to amazing places in Wadi Rum to experience hiking of a different nature.


While selecting the best tour operator have a look at reviews as there are many who are not up to the mark.

Hiking tour with a difference 

If you desire to have a hiking experience like that while hiking at Pennine Way, in the USA, or Mount Toubkal in Morocco, then hiking in Wadi Rum will not satisfy you. However, the hiking experience you can have in Wadi Rum cannot have a comparison with any other hiking venture, it is completely unique.

The hiking here is not difficult and you do not need any special hiking gadgets while you hike to Lawrence’s spring from Wadi Rum village. You will be hiking on the sand dunes, Khazali canyon, and to the sunset area.

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After the completion of your hike, you will have a jeep to take you and your luggage to the campsite.

Enjoy staying at the camp

You can spend the night at the camp in the midst of nowhere during these Wadi Rum hiking tours. It is wise to not miss the opportunity. The hospitality, comfort, and the opportunity to experience Bedouin culture will make your stay worthy. However, the most mesmerizing part of the stay is star gazing at night. As there is less pollution, you can expect to see stars as the sun sets. As the night progresses the sky fills with stars and you can have a romantic time with your beloved watching them.


It is also that during such a hiking tour you must not miss seeing the sunrise and sunset.

If you desire to have the best experience during such hiking tours in Wadi Rum, contact Rum Magic Nights. They have the experience and local knowledge to organize the best of such tours. You can expect to have the best of comfort, hospitality, and exploration when with them. Reach them at +962795022001 to book your hiking tour in Wadi Rum. For more information email at Info@RumMagicNights.com.

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  1. Wadi Rum tours offer an unforgettable desert adventure with its unique Martian landscape and rich Bedouin culture. Avoid the stress of self-guided trips by choosing experienced local tour operators for a safe and enriching experience. Enjoy easy hikes to stunning locations and spend the night in a comfortable Bedouin camp, where stargazing becomes a magical highlight. Embrace the beauty and hospitality of Wadi Rum for a truly memorable journey.

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