Bhutan is a country that can boast of its natural beauty, fauna, flora, and nearness to the Himalayas. However, it is not the end; ancient history, Buddhist culture, monasteries, and local traditions make the country a popular tourist destination. You can be at places of tourist interest in Bhutan all by yourself. However, if you are not with a reputed and reliable Bhutan tour operator, it is impossible to have a perfect exploration and a comfortable and enjoyable vacation.

Let us explain why we say it is prudent to be with a reputed local tour operator to have a perfect vacation in Bhutan.

Smooth and comfortable tour

We all know about Bhutan. However, our knowledge is within the limits of books. We do not have a first-hand experience of the places to visit or how to arrange or book hotels or means of transportation. So, if we try to plan a trip to Bhutan alone, it will not be possible to have a smooth and comfortable tour. On the other hand, if we are with a reliable local tour operator, the situation will just be the opposite. They have the experience of being at places we desire to visit and arrange for the best hotels and modes of transportation. All this is possible as they are locals.

The challenges to face if arranging a trip without the help of local tour operators

You may be thinking that these days on the internet, it is possible to purchase land on the moon. So, why would it be difficult to book hotels and a car in Bhutan? Yes, it is possible; however, the ground reality may differ. You may have booked a hotel online; however, when you check-in, you notice that the hotel is not clean or does not give access to modern amenities as you desire. You cannot change the hotel as you have made the entire payment. It can be the same with cars. The cars may not be comfortable, and the driver not courteous, making your journey horrible. Such incidents will never happen if you are with a reputed and reliable local tour operator. 

What to expect from a reputable tour operator in Bhutan

Reputed tour operators ensure that they book the best hotels and modes of transportation so that you do not have anything to complain about. Their drivers are courteous and know the shortest course to the places of tourist interest. Being with such a driver makes you confident that your journey will be comfortable and pleasant. As the tour will be pre-planned, you do not have to bother about where to visit to understand Bhutan in the true sense. 

The local tour operators can also customize their tour schedule according to your wishes. For example, they can plan a festival, cultural, trekking, textile and bird watching tour. You express your desire, and their travel planners are ready to arrange such. 

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