Wadi Rum in Jordan is where you can be if you wish to be on Mars or Moon by travelling in a rocket. The landscape is unearthly, and reputed tour operators make perfect arrangements to explore that while comfortable and safe. The incredible variety of yellow and red sands and the dark colour of the mountain bases make it a place to be genuinely called the “Valley of the Moon”.

[At night the millions of stars in the sky and the landscape illuminated by moonlight help you be in a fairy-tale landscape. However, the Wadi Rum sunset is the best that you can behold when you are there.


Reasons to be with a reputed tour operator to enjoy the sunset in Wadi Rum

Before witnessing sunset in Wadi Rum, it is prudent to know that you need to be with a reputed tour operator to have the best experience. The best tour operators are local and know the time and place ideal for enjoying the sunset. Like in winter, sunsets are at 16.45 and in summer the time is 19.45 approximately. So, the tour operators will arrange the tour so that you are in the best location during that time to enjoy the fantastic sunset.

Furthermore, they will arrange for the best transportation and driver so, at the end of the day, when the moment of sunset arrives, you have total energy to enjoy and click photos of the kaleidoscope of color.


The beauty of Wadi Rum sunset

Depending on the time of the year you are in Wadi Rum, the time of sunset changes. During sunset, you will enjoy the stunning transformation of colors, and it is a display of color. First, the color of the sky changes from soft blue to orange and then to red. Then, as the sun disappears under the horizon, the sky turns pink, then purple, followed by grey and dusk. Finally, the stars begin to glitter and fill the sky.


Not just look at the sky but also at the red mountains as the sun transforms them into a mountain of gold. The length of the shadows lengthens over the dunes, giving you the pleasure of being in a mystic environment. It is wise to find a place to sit and silently enjoy the transformation of day to night, passing through a phase of color. On a camping trip at night, enjoy tea sitting under the open sky and watching the millions of stars overhead.

Best place to enjoy the sunset in Wadi Rum 

The best place to watch the Wadi Rum sunset depends on the time of the year when you are there. However, the best location is south of Khazali and Umm Fruth. It is an open area and you can find the best viewpoints and easy-to-climb rock formations. Therefore, the reputed tour operators organize a tour to Um Sabatah, Um Mugur, or Al Ramel to have the best experience of viewing the sunset in Wadi Rum.


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