The most remarkable natural destination in Jordan or to say the world is Wadi Rum. The enormous desert is mysterious, enchanting, haunting, and evocative. The out worldly atmosphere of this UNESCO heritage site is so profound that it has featured in major films.

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Wadi Rum sunset jeep tour offers you the profound opportunities to explore and enjoy this vast desert scenario and be at the places of tourist interest like Lawrence”s Spring, Map, Sand Dunes, Lawrence House, Burrah Canyon, Burdah Rock Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Small Arch, and Khazali Canyon. However, the tour is not just visiting these places and exploring along with a local guide. What differentiates this tour from any other in Jordan is the experience, the romance, and the enjoyment.

Let us see what we can expect during this sunset jeep tour in Wadi Rum.

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Yes, we say this first because that is what you desire to have when on a vacation. The 4×4 jeeps arranged by reputed tour operators are comfortable and driven by experienced drivers. So, for sure you will have a pleasant and comfortable journey during the full day jeep & camel tour with an overnight stay. You can easily customize the tour with the help of your tour operator. They are always open to doing so to offer complete satisfaction to their clients.

Camel ride

Yes, you read it right. The jeep tour starts with a camel ride from the village of Wadi Rum. You will visit Lawrence”s Spring riding on a camel. From there the jeep tour starts in reality.

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Sunset drive

Sunset in Wadi Rum is an event that you cannot experience anywhere else. It is incredible and is worth having a look. You can tell your jeep driver to stop near a large rocky outcrop and settle on that to enjoy the amazing sunset. It is a sight difficult to express in words, so, do use your camera to capture the moments and show those to others back home.

Playing in the sun dunes

The tour is not just traveling by jeep and visiting places of tourist importance. Your kids and of course you can enjoy playing in the dunes. You can run up and down on the dunes or if you like even surf on those.

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Taste a Bedouin feast

The Wadi Rum sunset jeep tour organized by reputed tour operators allows you to taste the Bedouin feast. As you return to your camp after sunset you can expect a Bedouin feast waiting for you. Not only the food you can enjoy Bedouin songs and music. It will give you an insight into the culture of these nomadic tribe who calls Wadi Rum their home.

Enjoy a night’s stay

If you are visiting Wadi Rum, it is best to spend a night under the stars. The romantic feeling and experience cannot have a comparison. It is not just watching the stars but it is an experience in itself as you see the enormous desert change shades as the night pass by.

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You may be wondering how to have such an amazing and adventurous experience in Wadi Rum. To have such an experience it is wise to contact Rum Magic Nights. They know Wadi Rum as their own hands as they are Bedouin who grew up here. They will give you the best opportunity to explore and discover the desert. You can call them at +962795022001 to plan a Wadi Rum sunset jeep tour. For more information email at .

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  1. Explore the enchanting Wadi Rum with a sunset jeep tour, combining comfort and adventure. Start with a camel ride, witness breathtaking sunsets, and enjoy playing in the sand dunes. Relish a Bedouin feast and immerse yourself in local culture. End the day with an unforgettable night under the stars in this magical desert.

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