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In Jordan, you can track down numerous sacred places of worship and tombs of prophets and the mates of Prophet Mohammed. Throughout the entire existence of Islam, the region assumed an exceptional part. Three important military missions against the Byzantine armed force occurred here: Mutah, Yarmouk and Fahl battles. A visit to Jordan and a reputed tour operator will allow you to visit the important tombs and authentic destinations.

Let us know about some of the places that you can visit during such a tour in Jordan.


Tell Mar Elias

Related to the Prophet Eliyah, Tell Mar Elias is near the vestiges of a town called Listib. It is accepted that this spot was previously Tishbi, the home of Elijah, a local of Gilias in Tranjordan. The way that this is a religious site has justification by the two churches based on the Tall toward the finish of the Byzantine period. Elijah is known as the Prophet Elias in Arabic. The Koran calls him ‘an honourable man and a ‘Messenger of God. It additionally alludes to Elijah’s relationship with Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus. The site at Tell Mar Elias incorporates wide architectural remains dissipated across the summit of the slope that transcends Listib from the southeast.

Kahf Al Rakim

Kahf ar-Raqim is a holy cave situated in the town of Al-Rajib, east of the Jordanian capital, Amman. The historical backdrop of the cave traces back to the Roman and Byzantine periods, and one of the spots some accept was the cave of the seven sleepers. The site incorporates a few tombs and finds from the Byzantine and Islamic periods, and today it is a sanctum visited by individuals. At Kahf Al Raqim, you can be at the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, with a mosque fitting the depiction of the Holy Quran.

Jordan Valley

You can be at Wadi Shuayb, close to Salt, to the Shrine of Prophet Shuayb when you are in Jordan Valley. From here, you can head to the Jordan Valley, to the tomb of Abu Ubaida Amer bin Al-Jarrah, a relative of Prophet Mohammad, commander of the Northern Muslim Army, and one of the Blessed Ten, to whom Mohammad guaranteed heaven. You can additionally visit the tomb of Moath bin Jabal, who arranged the Holy Quran during the existence of the Prophet Mohammad, and the tomb of Dear bin Al Azwar.


Kerak Castle

At Kerak, visit the famous palace and the site of the Battle of Mutah in 629 AD. Here you can be at the tomb of the respected companion Zaid bin Harithah, who drove the military during the clash of Mutah and died, and the tomb of Ja’far bin Abi Talib and Abdullah bin Ruwahah.

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