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So how about our Amman Citadel tour? Visit the mesmerizing city and create memories in the Citadel with us.

Enjoy Amman Citadel with Jordan Perfect Tours: Amman is the capital of Jordan. It is the place from where sightseeing should start.

Citadel has both religious and military importance. The Citadel is a historical site and offers a very stunning view of the city. You will be exploring a very significant Roman structure, the temple of Hercules. It was built as per an inscription.

There is another famous site, the Umayyad Complex. The structures convey the main elements of Islamic City. There is a mosque, souk, hammam, and a palace. There are residential units as well.

So, now take a look at the detailed Amman Citadel trip.

You will be exploring Byzantine Church, The Governor’s Palace, and Mosque where you can explore the domed entrance to the palace, the dome is a modern reconstruction. There is also the Dome of the Vestibule to explore. You will also be visiting the Temple of Hercules which was dedicated to a supreme Roman deity.

There’s a lot to visit. You will have a wonderful visit to the place.

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