If you desire to experience the most surreal experience during a vacation to Jordan you cannot avoid Wadi Rum camping. If you ever desired to stay on Mars, you need to camp in Wadi Rum to experience that. The prototypical desert is the most Martian place you can be at. If you are a vacationer who loves deserts, then it is good to know that there is something romantic as well as adventurous in exploring the remote places and experiencing nothing but pure tranquil nature surrounding you. There will be no people or hassle but only tranquillity to enjoy.

wadirum camping

So, is camping in Wadi Rum just staying in a camp amidst nature. No, it is nothing like that. It is, on the other hand, a way to come close to nature, culture, and tasting Bedouin food. Let us see what you need to do while camping in Wadi Rum.

Camel ride and jeep tour

You can start your day by having a camel ride to Lawrence”s Spring. From there you can ride a comfortable 4×4 jeep to see the Map, the Sand Dunes, and ancient inscriptions. You can also go to Lawrence House, Burrah Canyon, Burdah Rock Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, and Small Arch. Your tour operator will arrange for comfortable transportation and offer the pleasure of enjoying Bedouin tea and lunch.

camel ride

Enjoy Bedouin cuisines and culture

Bedouins are the local inhabitants and call Wadi Rum their home. Camping in Wadi Rum will help you to taste Bedouin food. It is not only tasting food you will have total exposure to Bedouin culture as you can enjoy the songs and dances, they perform.

Bedouins love to cook and share their meals with others. While having your lunch and dinner you will feel like you are tasting pure love.



As the sun goes down and night sets over Wadi Rum you will find yourself surrounded by tranquil nature. Your voice will reverberate and the openness in front of you and the star-filled sky above you will transform Wadi Rum into a romantic place. You can rest in your camp looking at the stars and enjoy a romantic night.

Best photographic opportunities 

You need to explore the best photographic opportunities that come your way during camping in Wadi Rum. During the day trips and also at night the desert scenario offers the best of photographic exposure. The desert changes hues during the sunrise and sunset and you need to keep your camera ready to capture those mesmerizing scenarios of this Martian land.


You may be wondering how to have such a Wadi Rum camping experience. The best way is to be with Rum Magic Nights. They are Bedouin and designed the tour company so that others can explore and enjoy the beauty of Wadi Rum. Reach them at +962795022001 to explain to them your desire to camp in Wadi Rum and from there onwards they will take care of your tour. For more information email at Info@RumMagicNights.com .

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  1. Immerse yourself in the otherworldly beauty of Wadi Rum with Rum Magic Nights! From camel rides to stargazing under Jordan’s starlit sky, their tours offer an unforgettable camping experience in this Martian-like desert. Contact them at +962795022001 to start planning your adventure today!

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