One of the world’s loveliest deserts is Wadi Rum. Something other than a sea of moving dunes, this safeguarded wilderness close to Jordan’s southern border is made remarkable by the dramatic sandstone and basalt mountains extending out of the sandy floor. The region’s natural intrigue is perpetual, called “The Valley of the Moon” for good explanation.

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History and Culture

Past the innate magnificence of Wadi Rum, its illustrious history and rich social component add to its charm as a destination. One can track down petroglyphs, engravings, and dispersed ruins throughout the desert, the remainders of ancient Nabatean culture.

Virtually all present occupants of Wadi Rum are Bedouin. Ancient Bedouin clans were travellers, herding their goats and sheep around the desert, moving regularly and setting up transitory settlements. While some maintain a conventional nomadic way of life, most now live somewhat permanently in Rum Town.


Making your Wadi Rum Travel Schedule

With almost 300 square miles of landscape, Wadi Rum is adequately significant to spend your entire vacation exploring. Most vacationers stay for a while, so decisively focusing on your activities is urgent.

For vacationers arranging a day trip from Aqaba or Wadi Musa, a guided Jeep tour through the region is ideal for expanding your time. Leave from Rum Town and make a beeline for Lawrence Spring for a short, remunerating scramble with clearing desert views. From there, make stops at Khazali Gorge and Anfishiyyeh to wonder about ancient engravings on the striking stone walls.


After an authentic Bedouin lunch in the shade, take a grand drive to Um Fruth rock bridge before proceeding to the lush Abu Khashaba canyon. You can have proficiency with some local legend with a stop at Lawrence House and make a point to visit at least one of the area’s massive sand dunes before watching the sunset at Um Sabatah and heading back.

Remaining overnight in Wadi Rum is enthusiastically suggested. Resting under the desert stars is remarkable, and you will be blessed to receive a vivid Bedouin experience. Tour organizers regularly have a relationship with camps, so you can ask them to make an arrangement. You can enjoy tasty Bedouin dishes for supper, storytelling and live music performed on conventional instruments. Maybe the best part is the splendid night sky – second just to the cup of hot tea you will enjoy the following morning.


You can likewise add a few additional adventurous activities to your plan: ride a camel to a few notable sights, go rock climbing with an aide on old sandstone walls, or enjoy the dawn from a hot air balloon.

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