Ever wonder how it feels to soar over vast bodies of water in Dubai at incredible heights? Then parasailing is for you! The experience of being up in the air in the middle of the ocean can truly be a feat worth trying.

Parasailing is the ultimate aquatic experience. It allows you to enjoy the serene feeling of soaring across the water at incredible heights, like a seagull. Most people consider it one of their favourite water activities and describe it as quite surreal.

Parasailing is one of the most enjoyable water activities in the world. Hop in the boat, holding tight to the harnesses line, and fly high above the ocean. Catch a bird’s eye view while you wing your way through deep blue skies. You may also see dolphins swim right under you and marvel down at their beauty as they play in the surf below.

If you are still not convinced why try beach parasailing in Dubai, here are a few reasons to make you so:

It’s absolutely safe:

Parasailing is one of the safest water sports you can enjoy. It took many years of knowhow to perfect the parasail, harness, and launch system. The broad training before taking the flight is adequate to make you secure while parasailing.

A suitable leisure activity:

Parasailing is a recreational activity usually combined with other water sports like wakeboarding, jet skiing and windsurfing to name a few. You can never go wrong selecting a parasailing package for yourself or for a group. The convenience of being able to put parasailing together with other activities just adds to your excitement.

Get away from it all:

Once you’re in the beautiful air of Dubai, it completely feels like a different world. You hear absolutely nothing except the breeze & faint sound of the ocean waves. The world is yours, even just for a few minutes. Parasailing is undoubtedly an action that help you get rid of the hustle and bustle of city life.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a unique & thrilling twist to your Dubai holiday with a customized beach parasailing package from Beach Riders Dubai. Our parasailing tour in Dubai starts with boarding a safe & well-maintained boat that will take you out in the glinting Arabian waters. You’ll deeply fall in love with the unbelievably beautiful beaches, sparkling waters and quiet ambiance along the Arabian Gulf shoreline. Call us on +971 588 224 410 to get your beach Dubai beach parasailing quote!

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