When we venture out for a vacation, we desire to have the best of comfort, safety, and exploration during our stay at a place. It is the same when we try to have a vacation in the Martian desert of Wadi Rum, in Jordan. Keeping this in mind reputed tour operators keep their Wadi Rum tour prices such that it does not cut a hole in the pocket of their clients; however, offers the best of comfort, safety, and exploration.


As the tour prices are affordable one may think that tour operators compromise on quality to make it such. However, if you are with a reputed tour operator you do not have that fear. They never compromise on quality to make their tour prices affordable; however, reduce their profit margin to do so.

It is good to know what we can expect from an affordably priced tour package to Wadi Rum.

The two basic components of a tour package are travel and ground arrangement. Let us consider those individually.



If we have a look at the travel arrangements, you can expect to have the best of comfort while traveling. They arrange for the best comfortable vehicle so that you can travel comfortably even though you are traveling in this Martian desert of Wadi Rum. You will be traveling in a 4×4 jeep which has comfortable seating arrangements.

They will pre-arrange your travel arrangements. You will not have to wait for the vehicle to arrive and not lose any valuable vacation time. The drivers are well behaved and speak English so you will never have any communication gap with your drivers.

As you will be in a desert you will have a camel ride to add an adventurous flavor to your expedition.


Ground arrangements

The ground arrangements they make for you will offer the best of comfort to you. The accommodation and food you will have during the tour will be the best. Like if we have a look at the accommodation, the camps are well furnished and you can have mattresses, pillows, and blankets, and not have to stay in the open. Even if you like to have a gaze at the star-filled sky you can have such resting in your camp. The camp will have enough water for your daily use.

The food will help you to have a taste of local Bedouin cuisines. The food will have cooking in a wood-coal fire and in front of you. The taste will be of authentic cuisines that Bedouin eat in their daily living.


You will have a local guide when you travel to places of travel interest like Lawrence’s spring, or Khazali canyon. The guides have the best of knowledge about the places and explain to you about those. They will also help you with your luggage.

Being with a reputed tour operator will never make you feel that you are away from home at a distant place. They will make the stay homely and comfortable.


If you desire to have such a tour in Wadi Rum, it is wise to contact Rum Magic Nights. They are themselves local and arrange for the best travel and ground arrangements to offer you an adventurous, exciting, comfortable, safe, and affordable tour. Though their Wadi Rum tour prices are affordable they never compromise on quality in any aspect. Reach them at +962795022001 to discuss your tour desire and plan accordingly. For more information email at [email protected] .

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