Jordan is where you can be to have a perfect vacation with your family. Places like Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and the capital Amman will mesmerize you. However, Jordan is not only those places. It is also places like Umm Qais where you need to be to have the real feel of the country’s cultural heritage and historical background. If you want to explore such places in Jordan properly, it is wise to be with Jordan Perfect Tours.

umm qais

You will indeed have a comfortable and safe journey to Umm Qais and the pleasure of exploring the historical place with a local guide. If you are with a group of three people, you can travel in a Sedan. If you have four to seven people, you can have a journey in an SUV or H1 van. The trip will also take you to Jerash.

When you are in Umm Qais, the guide will guide you to West Theatre, Lookout point, Museum, Decumanus Maximus, Ottonam Village, Basilica Terrace, Baths and many other places. Your guide will always explain the area’s importance whichever site you visit.

Like when you are at the West Theatre, the guide will explain that the theatre was made to accommodate 3000 people. He will also show you how good the acoustic is at the theatre. At the Museum, in the house of a former Ottoman governor, you can view the names of early Christian nobles inscribed on the main mosaic. You can also see the headless marble statue of the Hellenic goddess Tyche.

One of the spokespersons of Jordan Perfect Tours said, “We arrange our tours to Umm Qais in such a manner that you have ample time to explore the ruins of the city and know about the original purpose of the structure. Our guides have special training about the city so they share authentic details with you. We take adequate measures so that you have a comfortable journey. We can say for sure that you will love to be part of our day tour from Amman to this place.”

umm qais

Their arrangement will not make you ever feel that you are in a foreign country. The hospitality you have from them will be what you can expect from a very close one. Their accommodation, nature of travel, tour itinerary and services of local guides will enable you to have a fascinating vacation in Jordan.

Jordan Perfect Tours is a reputed local tour operator you can depend on to organize the best tours in Jordan. They have the ability to organize the best tours at an affordable rate. Their passion is connecting people with places, and they do so through their tours. Call them at +962795022001 to plan your trip to Umm Qais

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