Dubai is a luxurious city enclosed by stunning water bodies. The marvelous beach and astounding water zone make it a splendid place for plenty of fascinating water sports activities. Do you wish to relish some good times while in Dubai? Then look no further than parasailing in Dubai! Premier marine and water sports companies provide all the facilities to make your dream parasailing activity a successful experience. They provide expert assistance & service for an enthralling range of water sports activities in Dubai. It will lead you to get the best out of parasailing activity in Dubai in the most fantastic way possible.

Do you have a long desire to experience the joy of parasailing at the Dubai Marina? Then, try something unique during your journey to Dubai and have a bird’s eye view of the lavished city while parasailing! Soar through the sky with a parasail towed behind a speedboat. The expert marine and water sports company provides the basic instructions, protective equipment to make parasailing easy. Moreover, they allow you to enjoy the water sports ride with a sensation of weightlessness with a convenient swing-like seated position.

Leading marine and water sports companies in Dubai provide a parasailing package that includes well-trained instructors, parasailing equipment, life jackets, and safety gear needed for the purpose. There is no need to get previous training as the well-experienced guides will facilitate you with all your essential parasailing requirements. In addition, they provide a well-equipped brand-new boat to pull the parasail and let you fly high. The harness that attaches your parasail to a boat is powerful enough to accommodate two people conveniently. It will take you and your group up to an altitude of about 200-250 meters for astonishing views of the lavished city sights, the luxury waterfront homes, Palm Island, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, the iconic Burj al Arab & much more sky-touching buildings. Try it once & feel how exhilarating it will be while flying parasailing over the sea.

The speedboat ride along the Beach oceanfront give you some peaceful and exhilarating travel experiences on the sea. The parasailing activities will span 10min to 15mins based on the wind condition and your capability. You can also enhance the time as per your budget. Remember that this adventure water sports activity is recommended for kids below ten years, pregnant, and those with heart or respiratory conditions or neck or back injuries! The minimum weight requirement for this adventure activity is 50 KG and should not be more than 150 KG! So, take the assistance of a reliable marine and water sports company to start your Dubai parasailing adventure. They provide better assistance that takes you into the gleaming water and lets you enjoy a parasailing experience.


If you wish to try parasailing while in Dubai, then blindly opt for Beach Riders Dubai. They provide a specialized Parasailing opportunity package to explore the adventure water sports in your way. They can assist you in planning the itinerary based on your time and budget. If you wish to clarify any of their package inclusions further, you may connect with one of their expert team members directly!

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