Parasailing appears to be one of the most exciting water sports that everyone wants to do at least once in a lifetime! It is a fun water activity liked by people of all ages. Are you in Dubai and wish to use your leisure time productively? Why not try parasailing while in Dubai and explore the city views with a unique perspective! Premier marine and water sports companies in Dubai offer different adventure water activities, including thrilling parasailing, allowing you and your group or family to ascend on the ocean and have some good leisure time in Dubai.

The most important fact about this adventure water sport is that you don’t need any prior training or expertise. Anyone can do it with a little previous practice. Following some basic instructions is enough for the recreational rider. However, Premier marine and water sports companies in Dubai make you ready, and you can enjoy parasailing for the ultimate travel experience. It’s the ideal water sports activity for your high-intensity desire! It also allows you to explore the marvelous view of the tall standing buildings, landmarks, and sparkling blue water of the Arabian sea from the top.

Parasailing is the most preferred fun water sports activity in Dubai. It usually takes 10-15 minutes of flying while soaring 200-250 meters above sea level. The parasailing operators tied 250 meters cable on the hydraulic winch system, ducks on the back platform of the speedboat. Expert parasailing operators & the pilots of the sports boat move it against the wind. As the boat speeds up a little bit, and as the parasailer starts to climb, the boat’s speed increases the parasailer to the top. The expert operator operates the winch, making the boat fast or slow until you reach 200-250 meters (depending upon preference) above the seawater level. The expert operator reeled the parasailer in when the allotted ten to fifteen minutes were up by cranking the winch. It will be leading to a soft landing on the boat or a wet landing in the water (based on preference)! So how does it feel? You must try it at least once while you are in Dubai!

Do you have a desire to explore water sports activities in Dubai? Then welcome to Beach Riders Dubai! They will give every assistance and service to take you to the incredible world of water sports in Dubai and allow you to have some good times that can be cherished for a longer. For more information on parasailing in Dubai and special packages, please call Beach Riders Dubai today!

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