Fishing in Dubai

You may be on vacation or trying to find a way to have an exciting weekend with your family and friends, then fishing in Dubai is the best alternative you can think. Instead of spending lousy hours at the bar and restaurants, you can have an adventurous and exciting outing when you go fishing. As Dubai is a coastal city, many organizations offer a helping hand to have the best fishing experience in Dubai.

This guide will help you have the best experience when you wish to have deep sea fishing in Dubai. Let us know the facts before venturing out to the deep sea.

The best time to venture fishing

The perfect time to go for deep sea fishing is from January to May. The months from January to March brings the best of experience. You cannot expect to have the best of catch and excitement during a fishing trip during summer. So, it is best to avoid such months.

I hope that by next January, we would have relief from the COVID-19 pandemic, so there would not be any problem for you to venture out fishing with your friends and family.

Which is the best shore or a deep sea fishing experience?

If we compare a shore and a deep sea fishing experience, the latter is an absolute winner. The excitement, adventure and the catch during a deep sea fishing make it the ideal choice. For deep sea fishing, you either need to have a boat to hire one. If you do not have a fishing boat, then you depend on a reputed organization to lease one.

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Type of fishes you can catch

You can commonly catch:

  • Barracuda
  • King Fish
  • Sharrie
  • Hammour
  • Sultan Ibrahim

You can occasionally catch:

  • Cobia
  • Travelly
  • Tuna
  • Jaesh

Independent of what you catch, it is for sure that you will find sure adventure and excitement. Try thinking of a situation when the seawater is splashing all over the boat and you are hauling in a big King Fish.

How can you choose the correct charter?

When you decide to have a charter for sport fishing in Dubai, you need to have answers to the below questions. The answers to these questions will help you to decide to hire the best charter.

What is the number of crews on board?

There need to be at least two crew members. This is necessary, as a single crew will not help you guide the boat and, at the same time, help you with the rods and catch.

Will there be just bottom fishing or trolling?

If you decide to catch larger fishes, then you need to have to troll. However, charter organizations charge more for trolling as it consumes more petrol. It depends on you whether to troll or have bottom fishing as a reputed charter organization offers both. If you are ready to pay a higher price reputed charter organization will organize trolling fishing.

How far from the shore can you go?

If you see that the charter company is only taking you to about 15 to 20 kilometers from the shore, you need to stay away from that company.

What natures of boats are available?

It is best to have at least a 30 feet boat with an onboard washroom for an ideal fishing experience. If the charter organization can arrange for such a boat, you can hire from them.

If you desire to have the best experience while fishing in Dubai,do contact Beach Riders Dubai. You can have a yacht, boat rentals and participate in various other water sports when with them. You will have the guidance of best instructors from the United States and the Middle East when on a fishing expedition with them. Call at +971 588 224 410 to know more about their services.

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  1. Looking to spice up your vacation with something adventurous? Consider deep sea fishing in Dubai! From January to May, the waters are prime for catching barracuda, kingfish, and more. Choose a reliable charter like Beach Riders Dubai for an unforgettable experience with expert guides and top-notch equipment. Dive into the thrill of deep sea fishing and make lasting memories on your Dubai getaway!

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