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Since lockdown, no such private vehicles, taxis, and auto-rickshaws allowed to roll in Twin City. In case of any emergency or people wanting to board a flight, they can dial 100 and request police to grant permission to travel in a private or commercial vehicle. Now things are changed. Flights started operating on May 25, when domestic flight services resumed after remaining closed for the last two and a half months. The travelers arriving at BijuPatnaik International Airport (BPIA) can board cabs or car hire in Bhubaneswar Airport by advance booking it online.

What to perceive

A great way to start your adventure is to hire car hire in Bhubaneswar Airport and travel around well-planned streets and get a feel of this charming and culturally rich city. Enjoy the architecture of both ancient temples and modern buildings found along the road. Don’t forget to taste some famous lassis, fresh coconut water, and so many local fresh foods from one of the many excellent stalls throughout the town. The old town is a perfect place to start sightseeing as it is home to almost four hundred famous temples that Bhubaneswar is known for. The Lingaraja Temple has been described as ‘the truest fusion of dream and reality’ and is a must-see for outstate and local travelers. Non-Hindus can see the temple from the viewing platform. Another temple worth visiting is the 10thcentury Mukteshwara Temple seems to be a prime example of Odishan architecture. The decorative gateway, arched masterpiece, and magnificent Torana (Tarace) combine to make this temple so impressive and eye-catching. The Museum of Tribal Arts &Artifacts is a must-see destination in Bhubaneswar as it offers a fantastic insight into the life, ritual, customs, and history of Odisha.

How to get around

It is readily available budget-friendly car hire in Bhubaneswar Airport located just outside the arrivals gate from the airport. The pre-booked car and cab hire in Bhubaneswar often have a pick-up service to make your journey comfortable. The drivers in Bhubaneswar are known for being courteous and helpful, and they also speak and understand English very well. You can select from a variety of luxury cars that will be readily offered on your request to fulfill your individual needs, wants, and desires.

If you are looking to take your business this time or plan to have a relaxing holiday out in Bhubaneswar, it is more likely that you need car hire in Bhubaneswar Airport. The car hire in Bhubaneswar is reliable and safe; you can spend time holidaying away from home while traveling around the city safely and comfortably. Based on where you want to have your vacation, it is necessary to reserve a car or cab in advance so that you can be received at the airport on time rather than looking for rental cars or public transport or auto-rickshaw after your arrival to move around the city

If you wish to move the nearby cities like Puri, Chilika, and Cuttack for your vacation, then you may need to travel little long distances and sightsee all of its major attractions. Trusted car hire platform in Bhubaneswar or the car hire in Bhubaneswar Airport car rentals provide the best assistance so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest. They also offer comfort but save your budget to a large extent. They are much affordable than just taking to public transportation. Even booking the airport cab or car hire in Bhubaneswar now becomes faster &easier and you can reserve it online with a few clicks.

If you are looking to rent a quality cabs or car hire at the best price in Bhubaneswar Airport, consider calling ODCAR at +91-82600-55345. They have the best models and best offers to take care of your traveling needs.

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