When you are on vacation to Jordan, there are a few places you cannot miss to visit. One of those places is Wadi Rum, the Martian desert. Reputed tour operators organize jeep tours in Wadi Rum, and you can easily be part of those to explore and enjoy the Martian scenic beauty of the desert.


The tour you can expect 

If you are with a reputed tour operator, you can be a part of the best Wadi Rum jeep tour. The tour will help you visit most of the sites and even reach some of the far-away attractions of Wadi Rum. The visit to scenic canyons, mounting jabal, rock arches, sand dunes and Nabatean sites will make your trip full of adventure and excitement.


Visiting the least visited spots and intermingling with the Bedouin families will help you to have a memorable experience. The tour will start and end at the Wadi Rum village, from where the vehicle will pick you up in the morning and drop you at the end of the tour.

During the trip, you enjoy eating boxed lunch and tasting Bedouin tea.

The vehicle to ride 

Though it is called a jeep tour, you will have to travel in a converted pickup truck. However, there is nothing to withdraw as you hear this. There are seating arrangements, and as the back of the truck is fully open; you will feel like driving through the Martian scenery.


Service of the local guide

The driver driving the truck will be your guide during the trip. The amazing part is that though he will be a local Bedouin, he will speak English, and there will not be any language barrier. Being local, he knows the Martian desert like the palm of his hand. He knows the places to visit and understands the importance of the places. He will drive you to those places and explain the significance.

The places to visit

The reputed tour operator organizes the best Wadi Rum jeep tour so that it covers almost all the important places in Wadi that require a visit. As said, the tour starts from Wadi Rum village. During the trip, you will be at Nabatean temple, Lawrence’s spring, Khazali Canyon, the little bridge, Um fruth Rock Bridge, Burdah Rock Bridge, Almahama Canyon, Lawrence’s house, Anfeeshiah Inscription, sand dunes, and the desert map.

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At Khazali Canyon, you have the opportunity to walk through the canyon, and at Um frouth Rock Bridge, you can climb to the top. At Anfeeshiah Inscription, you can look at the ancient Nabatean and Bedouin inscriptions on the mountain. The desert map was used by the Bedouin to know directions.


The jeep tour will be faster than a trip on camel or horse. Moreover, if you plan to spend a night in the Martian desert, it will be comfortable to carry your luggage.

Rum Magic Nights is the reputed tour organization to depend on to be part of the best Wadi Rum jeep tour. Call them at +962 7 9525 3447 to plan your tour.

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