Hello, adventure lovers. What about fly-boarding in Dubai? Exciting it sounds, right? Yes, flyboarding in Dubai is worth experiencing water sport activity. If you are in Dubai or planning for a Dubai trip then do not miss this amazing water sport activity and that too at the famous water sport activity destination, ‘Dubai’. Make amazing memories of flyboarding in Dubai only with ‘Beach Riders Dubai’. Get yourself to indulge in a unique experience of fly-boarding.

Dubai is famous for its water sport activities and from all the famous water sport activities fly-boarding is the one gaining much attraction in recent times. Fly high above the water enjoying it to the fullest. It is a very exhilarating activity to be tried at least once. You cannot miss this activity when you are in Dubai. It is worth trying. You will surely love this activity. Beach Riders Dubai is there to make you feel the amazing feeling fly-boarding gives. We will make your fly-boarding a fun activity on your Dubai trip.

Now, let’s make you aware of fly-boarding and what it offers.

What exactly is Fly-boarding?

Flyboarding involves a foot-mounted board called a fly board. The fly board is powered by a personal watercraft through an 18 meters long hose the rider stands on the board. Water will be forced under pressure to a pair of boots along with jet nozzles below. This will provide thrust for the rider and the rider will fly up in the air or can dive headlong through the water down as far as one wishes to. Do not worry about anything, we will be with you throughout the activity and our experienced professionals will control the throttle of the wave runner. We guarantee that you will be having an amazing experience of fly-boarding with Beach Riders Dubai. Flyboarding will make you experience the excitement of being close to water. Just enjoy this adventurous and fun activity to the fullest. Beach Riders Dubai will make this activity one of the best ones in your life.

Our packages are customizable based on customer’s preferences. We will provide you with the experience you wanted to have. You will be receiving a customized package based on your requirements.

Choose Beach Riders Dubai for an unforgettable fly-boarding on the blue waves of Dubai Beach. You will be getting a chance to take a look at Dubai Marina in the Fly-boarding activity. Many amazing sights will be viewed by you in this activity. Experience a never experienced water sport activity in Dubai. Our professionals will take care of your safety perfectly, making sure you have a fun and safe fly-boarding. We will provide you with all safety gear like a jacket, helmet, etc. so that you remain safe while enjoying the fly-boarding. All the necessary instructions will be provided to you before you start your dive.

Do not think more. Book Beach Riders Dubai for a memorable fly-boarding in the waves of Dubai, enjoying every beautiful sight of the beach.

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