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Situated on the eastern coast of India, Odisha is close to the side of Bay of Bengal. The state is rich in its plentiful flora and fauna and features many fertile plains formed by rivers and exotic beach locations. The wildlife in Odisha is very vast, and the wildlife lovers around the globe wish to come and stay in Odisha to perceive and study their beloved wildlife animals from very close. The varied climatic conditions and ecosystems support plentiful wildlife to adapt in Odisha.

Odisha also features so many wildlife sanctuaries and National parks and home to many exclusive species. Not only Indian travelers but also travelers from abroad come to Odisha for Orissa wildlife tour, Odisha eco-tour, Bhitarkanika tour and The Chilika Lake tour to explore their much loved wild animals. So customized Orissa wildlife tour Packages, eco-tour packages, Bhitarkanika tour package and other tour packages offered by reputed travel agencies are much popular among local and foreign travelers. They offer custom-built Orissa wildlife tour Packages in which the travelers will get the most exceptional quality service to travel their desired destination in a most affordable cost.

Orissa is famous for its favourite tourist destinations and abundant flora and fauna, eco-tour and much more travel opportunities. It is home to Bhitarkanika the second largest mangrove in India, supports Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary. You will find The Chilika lake- seems to be Asia’s largest Salt Lake that serves as a home to many magnificent migratory birds. Orissa supports many wildlife Sanctuaries as well. Some of them are Tikarpada Gharial Sanctuary, Nandankanan, Similipala, and Chadaka. These lush wildlife sanctuaries also act as the excellent oxygen ground for the nearby cities.

Orissa can be the one-stop solution for all wildlife lovers. The wildlife sanctuaries in Orissa support numerous wildlife species including the rarest species of both Flora and Fauna. You will get the opportunity of Jungle safari; nature walk, Nature study, lots of waterfalls. Also you will find the crocodile sanctuary, wildlife tigers, gaur samber, reptiles, wild boars, hyenas, jackals, black panther, white tigers, gharial crocodile, cheetah and much more on your journey.

Travel operators not only provide personalized Orissa wildlife tour Packages but ensure the tourists will get exceptional service regarding transportation, safety, and staying. They also ensure the travelers will comfortably reach the area or stay at the place and enjoy the wildlife of Odisha. They also care for the traveler’s safety as the travelers deal with the wild animals in the forest. The tour guides are specially trained and aware of the area better than others; hence, it will be a great advantage for clients.

Reputed Orissa wildlife tour operators offer customized travel packages to best suit the need of tourists. You can also alter the packages based on the need of the customer on requests. Also, they never compromise with the quality of service and facilities as promised without any alteration in services or facilities. Book your Odisha wildlife tour, Odisha eco-tour, Bhitarkanika tour, The Chilika Lake tour and explore the wide range of wildlife and birdlife- this splendid state can offer

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  1. Discover the rich biodiversity of Odisha with our customized wildlife tour packages. From the lush Bhitarkanika mangroves to the bird haven of Chilika Lake, immerse yourself in nature’s wonders. Enjoy exceptional services, safe travel, and unforgettable experiences. Book your Odisha adventure today!

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