Deep Sea Fishing

A deep sea fishing holiday trip in Dubai must be in your card if you love catching fish. In coastal city like Dubai, it is no surprise that sport fishing is a popular hobby. Dubai has a thriving fishing community and culture – making it a relaxing and thrilling way to unwind after being done with other activities the city has to offer. Here, you don’t even need to be a pro angler to catch a fish or two successfully.

Shore vs. deep sea fishing trips in Dubai:

Deep sea fishing is the obvious winner here! As you further away offshore, you increase your odds of catching bigger fish. However, you have to spend big on this sort of adventure as you either require to own a boat or rent a charter.
Shore fishing is quite common in Dubai and people have good success with it. However, it needs different rods & more patience of course.

Fishing on a bright sunny day is recommended. However, you don’t need to be worried about adverse weather in Dubai. Any day of the year is sensibly a good day for fishing.

Finding the right fishing equipment is important:

Basic gear may help you catch a few but in order to enjoy a prized catch, you must have the best equipment under your belt. If you’re new in this field you may find it tough to pick equipment. Luckily, professional Yacht rental firms provide complimentary fishing equipment which are apposite for deep sea fishing in Dubai, so no concerns for the beginners.

Be patient:

Fishing needs a great deal of patience. So sit back and unwind as your boat floats in the sea. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t find yourself lucky soon. You’ll be rewarded for sure with good patience. The exhilaration & fulfillment comes when a fish eventually bites and you get to reel it in.

Barracuda, Kingfish, Tuba, Sailfish, Grouper and many other fish species are in large number in this emirate. If you are planning for Deep Sea Fishing Holidays Trip in Dubai, top-class fishing yachts and a friendly crew from Beach Riders Dubai can make your experience simply out of the world. We have the latest equipment and techniques which ensures you get the best catch. Whether you are traveling Dubai with family or friends, we invite you to Rent a Yacht in Dubai Marina and enjoy a deep sea fishing adventure to the fullest.

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