Till 1970, Bhutan remained locked from the outside world. Though they have opened now and tourists can travel to Bhutan, there are still mysteries that modern visitors face. If you are a westerner, then it is a must that you need to be with a local tour operator in Bhutan. So, selecting the best tour operators in Bhutan is of utmost importance if you desire to have an ideal vacation in the country.

Let us know why it is wise to be with a tour operator while you are on a trip to Bhutan.

Ease of navigation 

An outsider cannot navigate the streets of Bhutan as there are no road signs. You may think that you can move around with the help of GPS or Google Maps, but those may not work correctly. So, if you are dependent on devices, you would not be able to go much far. So, it is ideal to be with a reliable guide from a reputed tour operator. Educated guides have the best knowledge about the routes and can help you navigate Bhutan easily. 

Cultural experience 

When you travel to other countries, cultural experience does not play a vital role; however, it is just the opposite in Bhutan. Cultural understanding is what you can enjoy most in Bhutan. As Bhutan is a Buddhist Country, there are extensive collections of Buddhist art and culture. However, it will not be possible to comprehend the ethnicities and cultural intricacies or better understand the temple imagery unless you are born and grew up in Bhutan. So, as you are not, you need the help of local Bhutanese to understand Bhutan and explore its culture and heritage. That is possible if you are with a reputed local tour operator. All their guides and themselves are from Bhutan, so they can make you understand the ethnicities and cultural intricacies of Bhutan in a much better manner.

Hassle-free travel 

There are a few reasons, like where to have the visa, which places to visit, when the destination will open and close, and many more, which may not allow you to have an enjoyable vacation in Bhutan. The best way to avoid all such hassle is to be with the best tour operators in Bhutan. They will tackle all such issues, and you will be able to have hassle-free travel. If you are with a local tour operator, they will also be developing an itinerary, so you practically do not have to worry about anything. They will customize the tour according to your desires, so you will visit places that reflect aspects you love exploring about Bhutan.

Be at lesser-known places 

There are various places in Bhutan where very few vacationers travel. So, unless you are with a registered local tour operator, you will not be able to be at those places. Though these places are less visited, they will stun you the most. So, do not miss the chance to be at those places.

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