Top 3 Hidden Beauty of Odisha

Off popular tourist trails, tucked away on the eastern coast of India is the state of Odisha. Tourists had taken the courage to explore the untrodden path to travel through Odisha are rewarded with infinite unspoiled beaches a plethora of handloom & craft styles exotic tribes, virgin forests ancient temples, hot springs and so much more.

If you are looking for one of the best Orissa tour packages, here are our top 3 hidden beauty of the state that you shouldn’t miss exploring on your approaching Orissa trip.

Bhitarkanika National Park:

Bhitarkanika National Park

Located in northeast Kendrapara district in Odisha in eastern India, Bhitarkanika National Park Bhitarkanika represents one of the finest creations ever in Odisha. While in this park explore lush green mangroves, migrating birds & turtles, the frightening estuarine crocodiles, winding water courses, peaceful surrounding intercepted by the tweeting of birds & the ever beautiful nature. Beautiful, raw and untouched – Bhitarkanika National Park is perfect for hikes & boat rides.

Chandipur (Hide and Seek) Beach:

Chandipur (Hide and Seek) Beach:

Yet another hidden jewel of Orissa, this distinctive beach is well-known for its ever-changing coastline. Also, known as the “Hide and Seek” beach, this beach is a rambling expanse of golden sand surrounded by pristine waters, Casuarina trees and lush coastal vegetation. Believe it or not, the sea recedes about five kilometers two times a day, leaving behind only the shells. The water recedes during low-tide and returns during the high-tide. Whether the tide is in or out, the dawn and dusk are especially awe-inspiring at this beach. Your Orissa tourism package will simply be incomplete without adding this natural phenomenon.



Mangaljodi is a picturesque wetland located on the reservoirs of Chilika Lake. It lures thousands of migrant birds all through the winter season. While here don’t forget to cruise on a tiny, round wooden boat, though weeds and huge expanses of the lake. Witness thousands of birds taking flight over your head – a memory of a lifetime.

The tourist attractions of Orissa are sure to win you over with their pure & authentic charm. So, whenever you are looking for Odisha Holiday Packages, don’t hesitate to keep these lesser-recognized destinations in your itinerary. Believe us, it’ll be an experience that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

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