Beaches- The Best Spots to Enjoy a Vacation in Dubai

If water sports and adventure is in your mind during your next vacation in Dubai after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, then you cannot miss visiting Dubai Jumeirah Beach. This beach is one of the most visited and offers the best water sports opportunities like a speed boat ride in Dubai.

Before we go into the activities you should not miss when at Jumeirah Beach, let us know more about Dubai.

When to visit Dubai

As Dubai is a desert area with beaches, the weather can get humid and may become unbearable. However, when the winds are cold during the winter months, it is worth visiting Dubai and Jumeirah Beach.

Talking about the beaches is ideal for visiting during the morning hours, you need to avoid the afternoon and evening is the best time. During the evening the weather is cold and with many around you can have more fun.

Things to do in Dubai Jumeirah Beach

If you are a thrill-seeker, then there is much to do at Jumeirah Beach. Let us see a part of the activities that will pump your adrenaline.

Parasailing in Dubai is an ideal activity for adventurous minded people and if you are one, then do not miss to undertake this activity. There are reputed Marine and Water Sports Companies in Dubai who can be your best friend if you desire to have such an activity. You can have an unforgettable experience parasailing having equipment from them. The parasailing trip is of approximately 15 minutes and during that, as you glide through the air, you will have a clear view of Dubai Marina and Palm Island.

Speed boat ride, Dubai is another water sport that you should not miss. You will cherish forever the experience that you can have with seven other friends or family members. You will pass by the most remarkable landmarks of Dubai and have many opportunities to click pictures.

Reputed Marine and Water Sports Companies in Dubai will help you to have such activities. They arrange for all required for sports. It is safe but adventurous when you are with them and in their speedboat.

Jet Ski is another activity that you should not miss when you are in Dubai for your vacation. You can have guidance from a qualified Jet Ski guide if you wish to undertake this water activity. This activity is an activity that you can take if you desire to spend a sunny day at the beach. You can have types of jet skies and guides from reputed Marine and Water Sports Companies in Dubai.

You cannot miss various other activities when on the beaches of Dubai. For having fun and adventure at the beaches in Dubai, it is ideal to contact Beach Riders Dubai. They are a premier Marine and Water Sports Company in Dubai. In addition to DIMC, they operate from Ritz Carlton Hotel on the JBR beach, The Four Seasons resort in Jumeirah, Nikki Beach on Pearl Jumeirah, and the Kempinski Residences in Palm Jumeirah. Call at +971 588 224 410 to have a word with them and plan the water sports you desire to undertake during a Dubai vacation.

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  1. What an exciting guide to experiencing water sports at Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach! The detailed insights into activities like parasailing, speed boat rides, and jet skiing offer a thrilling perspective on what to expect in Dubai post-pandemic. Beach Riders Dubai seems like the perfect partner for these adventures, ensuring safety and unforgettable moments amidst Dubai’s stunning landmarks. Can’t wait to embark on these thrilling experiences myself!

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