Golden Triangle of Odisha Tour

Understanding the Golden Triangle –
The Golden Triangle of Odisha comprises of three magnificent sightseeing attractions of Odisha tourism that makes your vacation worthwhile i.e. Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark. The Golden Triangle stands out as the popular tourist destination and the home to spectacular temples and monuments.

After all, Odisha state is the treasure trove of ancient temples. Therefore, adding the Golden Triangle in your Odisha tour packages makes really sense.

Bhubaneswar –

Bhubaneswar -Lingaraja Temple

The Temple City of Odisha is beautiful art of land and culture. The capital has splendid Hindu, Buddist and Jaina monuments. The name Bhubaneswar is after the famous Shiva Linga of Lingaraja Temple emerged on its own from the Bhumi or Earth. You will be simply in awe while looking at three different temple architectures like Pidha Deul, Rekha Deul and Khakara style.

Puri –

Puri- Jagannath Temple

Puri is one of the sacred sightings of Hindu and is the home to the Lord Jagannath Temple. This city is famed for Rath Yatra and the Nabakalebara darshan. Puri is one of the four holy pilgrimages of Hindu.

In this temple, Lord Jagannath is worshipped along with His siblings – His Sister Subhadra and His Brother Lord Balabhadra. The deities are not in the form of specific figures. There is a legend behind it that says Viswakarma – the creator and an engineer is responsible for creating the deities.

He had strictly instructed his majesty (the king) not to interrupt while he was making the idols. But the King was impatient and opened the door; so the Lord Viswakarma vanished leaving with incomplete idols.

Nabakalebara is the festival observed in Puri. Naba means new and the Kalebara means the body. During this festival, Lord Jagannath adorns a new body. It’s said that the soul or the Brahma is transferred from the old idols to their new bodies in a conspicious way – which is inherited from generations by the Daitas and the Rakshaks.

Konark –

Konark- Sun Temple

Konark is the most visited heritage site in Odisha. The World Heritage Site wholeheartedly welcomes both domestic and foreign tourists. Konark is famous for the Sun Temple, the Chandrabhaga Beach and the Konark Dance Festival.

The Sun Temple is the epitome of Odisha built in the 13th century by Raja Langula Narsimhadeva of Ganga Dyansty. Surya or Sun is worshipped in this beautiful temple. It’s also known as “Black Pagoda”.

A stunningly designed museum is built by Archaeological Survey of India in Konark, located up close to the Sun Temple. This temple is worth visiting if you relish vibrant culture and art pieces.

Final Consideration –

The Golden Triangle of Odisha tour gives you a right way to understand the evolution of Odisha temple architecture. It’s a perfect tourist destination for explorers, pilgrims, scholars, students, and historians.

So, what are you waiting for? Book Odisha tour packages through OD Travels and you will experience everything that Odisha has on offer. For more information about Odisha tourism in Puri, feel free to visit our website as soon as possible and book your own trip.

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