Puri Beach Festival

Odisha, a state packed with tradition, culture and festivals looks like the best place to visit when you are looking something unique in terms of vacation. The state provides a great deal of emphasis to its festivals since it brings people from all walks of life. Among the innumerable festivities that the state rejoices with passion is the Puri Beach festival. People book Bhubaneswar to Puri cab facility to witness this sort of fun event that’s celebrated in the month of November every year.

This is festival is celebrated at the shore of Puri& enthrals the heart of locals and outsiders for 5 long days. Getting back in time, we get to know that the festival was first celebrated on 29th October 1993. The thing that makes it the best entertainment festival in Odisha is the fact that it showcases various forms of culture, art, craft, cuisines, sports to name a few. A large number of fashion shows, sports activities, and exhibitions take place throughout this festival. The main intension of this festival is to spread awareness about the skill and talent Odisha got and entertain visitors who are on a vacation. The festival is predominantly organized by Hotel and Restaurant Association of Odisha and is duly sponsored by Government of India, Government of Odisha, and more recognized departments.

A wide range of sports like beach kabadi by girls, kick-boxing, country boat racing among the nolias, beach volley balls by both girls and boys, Indian style of wrestling. Fire bonati & malkhamb are some of the attractions which would keep both local and overseas visitors busy and enthralled throughout the 5 days of the carnival.

You will also get to witness ‘sand art” which is a new concept carved out from the pile of sand. The different monumental structure of ancient India and ancient temples such as Jagannath temple and Konark temple are well demonstrated in the sands by popular sand artists.

The great oddisi dance representing the legacy of widely acknowledged Ramayana and Mahabharat is also worth watching during the annual Puri Beach Festival.

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