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If you wish to include an extraordinary journey through history, heritage, architectural wonders and arts, then you cannot avoid visiting Odisha during your next vacation. The 484 kilometres long coastline, picturesque beaches, tranquil lakes, magnificent rivers, festivals at temples, mountains, wildlife and the architectural wonders of temples at Odisha will fill your vacation with adventure, enjoyment and relaxation. Reputed travel organizations have perfectly designed Puri travel package, which you can avail to enjoy beautiful and magnificent Odisha at your own pace and comfort.

Let us know about the ten reasons why you need to include Odisha in your bucket list while planning your next vacation.

Ratha Yatra

The colourful and pious Ratha Yatra at Puri directly associates with Lord Jagannath and is one of the primary reasons people visit Odisha. The newly constructed chariots pulled by countless devotees will amaze you and fill you with awe. You will love the religious functions that follow and feel blessed that you have chosen Puri to be your vacation place.

Kalinga Architecture

The Puri travel package of a reputed travel organization will enable you to witness three distinct temples in Odisha built in the Kalinga architecture style. Being a part of the tour package, you can be at Deula temples at Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar, Jagannath Temple in Puri and the Sun Temple in Konarak. All these temples are temples built in the Kalinga style of architecture. The tour guide will explain to you the detailed intricacies of the architecture.

Pattachitra painting

A vacation to Odisha will allow you to experience and view Pattachitra paintings mostly based on the temple of Jagannath, Lord Krishna and incarnations of Lord Vishnu. These paintings are the oldest traditional Odisha paintings, and you will really love to see these paintings.

Sambalpuri sarees

Can you think of a vacation without having a venture to buy specialties of the place? The sarees made at Sambalpur, Bargarh, Berhampur and Sonepur, popularly known as Sambalpuri Sarees are what you need to buy when visiting Odisha. There is another variety of Sambalpuri saree called Ikkat, which is a tie-dye art of Odisha. The emporiums of Puri and Bhubaneswar have plenty of stocks of such sarees.

Odissi Dance

When you are in Odisha with reputed tour operators, you can enjoy Odissi Dance. It is a classical dance form originating from the Hindu temples of Odisha. The dance poses of Hindu gods Shiva, Surya, and goddesses Shakti done by reputed Odissi dancers will make your trip filled with enjoyment and relaxation.

Tribal tourism

If you desire, you can have the pleasure of tribal tourism in Odisha. Reputed travel agencies will arrange for such tours. The tip will bring you close to the tribal cultural heritage of Odisha. The Koraput district is the tribal belt of Odisha, and the Gotalpara and Dural villages are where Barogadaba tribe, Bondas and other Adivasi communities and tribes still reside.

Enjoy Koraput Coffee

Koraput is not only famous for the tribal residents but also the coffee plantation. The unique flavour of Koraput coffee will definitely entice your taste buds. The hotels where you stay in Bhubaneswar, arranged by the reputed travel agencies will be happy to serve you such local variety of coffee.

Chandipur on Sea

Chandipur is a sea beach in Odisha where the seawater recedes by five kilometres during ebb. It is also, where you can taste horseshoe crabs in India. If you wish, you can visit the morning fish market where fishers bring their daily catch for auction.

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Kandhamal Haladi

You can easily be at Daringbadi hill station from Bhubaneswar. It is known as the Kashmir of Odisha. Not only that, the organic turmeric plantation of this district has earned it the geographical indication tag. It is also famous for the ginger plantations.

You can easily understand what varieties Odisha offers to you if you plan your next vacation there.

Chilka Lake

The trip to Odisha will not be complete if you do not visit Chilka Lake. The lake is spread over the Puri and Khordha district of Odisha and is a World Heritage Site in Odisha. The lake and the ecosystem are safe havens for migratory waterbirds, green sea turtles, Irrawaddy dolphins and fishing cats.

When you are a part of the Puri travel package organized by OD Travels, you can expect to have the best friendliness and comfort. The package includes almost everything from accommodation to travel and local guides’ services to make your vacation pleasant and comfortable. The tour package is for two days and one night and reflects true Odisha in front of you.

The establishment of OD Travels happened in 2018, and within this short period, they have gained the reputation of being a leading name in the travel and tourism sector in Odisha. The customer focus, novelty, and operational brilliance of theirs have tapped the presented market potential and fashioned new markets through pioneering packages. Feel free to call them at 9583-620-350 and discuss your travel plans with their representative.

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